long walk in Closet Curtains

Best Closet Curtains Ideas. Cabinets are one thing that is sure to exist in every person’s home.  The wardrobe itself has the function to store all kinds of clothes, pants, shoes until there is a specialty for storing valuables.  If you have a house that is quite narrow, you can use the built-in wardrobe that can give a neater and less crowded appearance.  This cabinet does not use a wood or plastic door as its cover.

Besides, this idea can also overcome the limited space in your home because this type of closet does not need ample space.  The items in this closet, such as clothes, pants, etc., are kept safe and covered by curtains or curtains.  Another advantage that can be obtained if using this type of cabinet is the lid, or the curtain can be replaced according to your wishes or adjusted to the theme of your room.

Here are some closet curtain ideas that can overcome the narrow space in your home


Closet Door Curtains

closet door curtains

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The next closet curtains model is the pastel brown one. The pastel brown color is believed to be able to provide a calm and relaxing effect when we look at the closet that uses these colored curtains.

Also, pastel brown curtains are perfectly combined with all types of rooms, such as minimalist design to modern design. Because of that, this color becomes a favorite color of many people and use these colored curtains.

Long Walk In Closet Curtains

long walk in Closet Curtains

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A wardrobe is one of the most critical elements in every home because it is a vital function for storing clothes and closet curtains can be installed.  Some people prefer elongated cabinet designs than the minimalist curtain.

If you have a sliding cupboard type or even are still planning wardrobe designs, you can try installing curtains.  Cabinets that use curtains are more practical and more durable than cupboards in general.

Pink Closet Curtains

Pink Closet Curtains

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Most women like this one color, pastel color.  Pastel colors themselves are often used for home decoration purposes, home design, and curtains. This color is favorite.

For this reason, pastel colors are loved by many people to beautify the house.  In its application to the curtains that are used instead of cabinet doors, pastel colors are very suitable.  You can combine the pastel-colored curtains with a room that is painted with pastel colors.

Decorating Sliding Closet Doors

decorating sliding closet doors

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The wardrobe room is one room that serves as a place to store all of the fashion things.  Wardrobe space usually requires a relatively large area, but you can also use a narrow space as your wardrobe.  Also, you can combine it with closet curtains to cover your wardrobe space.

The use of curtains in your wardrobe room will give a minimalist impression and still look elegant.  Therefore, the curtain becomes one of the leading choices.

Black Closet Curtains

Black Closet Curtains

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Some people even use a room that is not in line with its function, for example, a guest room that is used for learning.  However, you can use curtains as your study or workplace.

This idea does not require much space in its manufacture, and the use of curtains is very practical and efficient for narrow spaces.  The curtain serves as a barrier or cover if your study or workplace is not being used.

White Closet Curtains

White Closet Curtains

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If you are one of those who fall into the category of minimalist home enthusiasts, you can try closet curtain ideas at home or apartment.  The concept of this idea is to use limited space to be a minimalist cupboard.

You can install an aluminum stand as a place to put curtains and also as a place to tie your clothes. The advantage of this idea is practical and has an attractive design.

Loft Cottage Closet Curtains

loft cottage Closet Curtains

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Same with the previous discussion, where not all houses have ample space to be used.  For this reason, installing curtains is the right choice to overcome the problem of the narrow space in your home.

You can install curtains in a room that does not have a door, or you want to replace the door with curtains, besides being more practical and more durable.  The use of curtains can also add beauty to your home.

Closet Curtains For The Kids Room

Closet Curtains for the kids room

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If you or your children do not like the plain color of closet curtains, you can use some curtains that have a pattern. Choose the design or style of the curtain based on your wishes. And choose a curtain that is patterned animal or other patterns that suitable for children.

Using curtains that have a pattern, of course, aims to add the aesthetic value of your room. Also, your closet will look more attractive.

Closet Curtain Rod

closet curtain rod

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One of the choices of curtains models that you can use to beautify your closet and room is transparent curtains. This type of curtains will give a unique impression because all of the objects in your wardrobe are visible.

Also, pastel gray is one of the best choices for this type of curtains. Because the color can provide maximum leverage, this color also makes your wardrobe more attractive to look at home.

Those are some exciting ideas about closet curtains that you can try to apply in your home or apartment.  Adjust the colors, models, and patterns of the curtains with the theme of the room to be installed.  Hopefully, you can be helped by the information above about ideas for curtain installation.

Purple Patterned Closet Curtains Design

purple patterned closet curtains design

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One of the favorite colors of many people is pastel blue. The color is often used by women to decorate their rooms such as painting, install closet curtains to design some tools using this color.

This color looks more feminine and suitable for use as a decoration of your room, one of them is curtains. The color can be combined with attractive patterns to make it look better. You choose this model to use.

Cool Closet Curtains

Cool Closet Curtains

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Every home in the world certainly has a bathroom, which is an essential part of a house.  These curtains are more practical and efficient so that you can use them instead of doors.

Also, the use of curtains is more durable than wood cabinet doors—many cases where the cabinets with wooden doors are more easily weathered because in the bathroom.

Decor On Space Big Closet Curtains

Decor On Space Big Closet Curtains

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In rooms that are elegant and also luxurious, the use of closet curtains was chosen as a substitute for wooden cabinets.  The curtain is practical, durable, and able to give the impression of luxury.

You can use the curtains as a cover for your closet or even make a closet that is only covered by curtains.  The choice of color on the curtains depends on your desires, but usually, the curtains are maroon, white, and gold.

Interior Design Inspiration Closet Curtains

Interior Design Inspiration Closet Curtains

Source: www.kenisahome.com

For those of you who have a black and white nuance or just like black, you can use the colored curtains.  The black color itself is perfect for any type of room that has any coloring.

This color curtain is very suitable to be installed in the room where you store goods.  Installing curtains or curtains instead of wooden or glass doors is very useful because it saves costs.

Bedroom Closet Curtains

bedroom closet curtains

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Room design in each house is usually different.  Some people design their rooms with luxurious and elegant themes.  Some people also add a cupboard next to their bed, and some use closet curtains.

The use of curtains here serves as a substitute for the door of your house, which visitors feel less attractive to when visiting the home.  They prefer to use curtains as a cover for their cabinets because of their practical and efficient use.

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