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A small corner table can be your best solution when furnishing limited living spaces. With the right design and features, it will do wonders in your area.

You can use this furniture to save some room and utilize an awkward corner within your space. It makes a great addition to just anywhere around the house as well.

Your home office is not the only spot to place this small furniture. However, some of these tables can also be added into your kitchen, bedroom, and even the foyer.

To save you time and effort for finding the right one on the market, below are several corner table selections to take into account.

1. Corner Dining Table

small bright end desk

A winsome wood corner desk can be an ideal addition to your dining area. It is 20-inch in width and is made of beautiful-looking solid beech timber.

This desk from Winsome comes with a subtle honey finish and slight edges that make it appear classy. Meanwhile, its 29-inch height is just perfect for a corner table instead of a work desk.


The Winsome wood corner desk acquires an affectionate classic finish that works well in any home style.


You can use to work on something comfortably because of its height. Besides, this Winsome desk needs assembly as well.

2. Corner Kitchen Table

corner desk for kitchen

Now, this corner kitchen table is a traditional rectangular one with a red oak design. Despite its shape, you can easily tuck it in any awkward spot around your cooking area.

Furthermore, the corner table is from Renwick and is only 24 inches in width. It offers a classy Michaels finish that makes it suitable for living rooms or office spaces too.


It does not require assembly. That is probably the best part of having it. Besides, it also provides adequate utility because of its fully-usable tabletop.


While the rectangular shape offers more room, it cannot take up less space than you may require in the kitchen.

3. Corner Vanity Table

red small table

In case you do not have a dedicated space for a regular vanity table, get a smaller one that can be tucked into your bedroom’s corner will be a perfect solution.

The Ellen corner vanity table can be your ultimate choice with its 28 by 30 inches at points and 42 inches high. This table is pretty small, yet enough to accommodate some skincare products or others.


This table is made of quality wood and can hold up to 15 kg of weight on top. You will also appreciate the availability of a drawer to keep your jewelry, store power bars, pencils, papers, or other things.


Its ability to blend in is restricted due to the red finish. Meanwhile, this corner table also requires some assembly.

4. Corner End Table

corner table top

Even though the furniture weighs 7 lbs, it can hold up to 22 kg that makes the unit even more all mighty.

Meanwhile, the tabletop is 2.4 feet high, and the bottom shelf is elevated around 15 cm from the floor level. The open pattern on the facade is lovely, offering a unique touch to the table.


Despite its lightness, this Winston corner table can supports up to 22 kg on the tabletop. Moreover, it can fit almost anywhere around your home.


Some assembly is required when you pick this table. Besides, it is a bit lacking in hidden storage space as well since some other tables come with drawers.

5. Corner Console Table

corner table antique

Just like some of the best furniture manufacturers out there, Winsome always attempts to offer appealing ideas to the market.

This List corner table is a tiny 50 by 50 cm unit that is made of both composite and solid wood. As a result, it becomes an affordable yet sturdy option for its size.


Having plenty of solid wood pieces, this unit should be pretty durable. The espresso finish allows it to work with a lot of decorations.


It does not provide much space to work on, and the storage capabilities are just limited as well.

6. Corner Changing Table

corner table cabinet

With 2.3 feet tall and nearly 3.3 ft wide between the side corners, this table is perfect to spruce up an empty hole in your house.

In addition to the adequate surface area, this corner desk also offers a drawer for some hidden storage. Both of the features make it a lovely changing table.


This Safavieh Gomez corner table comes with a drawer and has solid pine construction for better durability. Besides, the tabletop is wide enough to make the whole surface more utilizable.


A pinewood table generally needs careful maintenance, and this product is no exception. Meanwhile, the slightly large unit may not set aside some space in all rooms.

7. IKEA Corner Table

corner table desk

If you need a space-saving corner table that offers enough room for a computer unit or laptop, this desk from IKEA is probably your cup of tea.

It makes a right solution if you cannot afford a dedicated home office as well. With its somewhat small size, the unit can be easily tucked in your bedroom or living room for a working desk.

Despite its small size, this table from IKEA still has adequate elbow room to work on letter-size or even bigger papers.


This corner table comes with a pretty full drawer for storing your pens, pencils, or even some documents.


You may need to get another table when intending to add a printer or additional devices to support your small home office.

8. Corner Table with Storage

corner table decor

Those who are interested in traditional corner tables should take a look at this unit from Leick. It is a 40 by 40-cm conical desk with a tiny drawer as extra storage.

The Leick corner table does not take much space, and its 2.5-ft height makes anything you put on the tabletop easy to reach.


It is somewhat tall for a small table but is still capable of fitting perfectly in any corner. Moreover, the only assembly needed is to adjoin the legs and place them in the drawer.


For some homeowners, both the design and the look of this table are probably a bit too traditional.

9. White Corner Table

taller corner table

Leick has a beautiful cottage white corner table to complete the look and function of your living room.

This white end table offers both a drawer and an open shelf to accommodate your storage needs. Its curved leg design makes it more charming despite the simple style.


The tabletop has a raised border that can keep your things on it in case of unintended bump or push.


Its white coating may get worn quickly through time. However, you can consider repainting the unit if needed in the future.

10. Corner Dining Table Set

corner table espresso

The D-Art Collection Espana Craftsman is 2.25 ft in height and acquires a low bottom open shelf that is around several inches only from the ground.

With the high open shelf, you can put multiple items for display within the table. Whether it is a phone, picture, or floral arrangement, they will be able to sit perfectly on the tabletop.


It comes with firm mahogany construction and is complemented with space-saving dimensions. Besides, the conical shape makes it fit in any corners.


This corner table from D-Art Collection requires assembly.

11. Twin Beds with Corner Table

between beds table

If you set your two kids to sleep in the same bedroom, having twin beds with a corner table will be a great idea.

While your two little buddies have their own space for sleeping, the corner desk can be used to place a table lamp or some decorations.

Get one with plenty of storage space so that your kids can save their treasures in their own areas.


It is very versatile and makes a beautiful alternative to bunk beds.


With the two beds on each side, the table is not the main character in the décor.

12. Glass Twin Corner Coffee Table

glass on top

Since it does not follow the standard circular glass stand design, the Chateau Imports Deville end table has a more contemporary flair to offer.

The narrowed glass surface is 2.1 ft in width from its furthest points and 66 cm in depth as of down the middle.


You can expect the table being more stable thanks to the chromed legs that have more full feet at the bottom. Besides, this Chateau desk is one of the few rounded options out there.


Although the glass looks fashionable and is very clear, it is somewhat thin, making the unit may get broken more easily.

13. Corner Table for Living Room

books shelf on your living room

Modern, vintage, and contemporary are perfect words to describe this small table. It comes with a simple design that makes it flexible for blending in anywhere.

Not only the design allows it to blend in almost any place, but its 41 by 61-cm size also makes it possible to squeeze in the unit anywhere around your living room.

Furthermore, this Three Posts Morristown end table also provides two open shelves for additional display space.


With the all-birch wood design, you can expect this table to be durable. Then, the red oak finish complements the natural grain for a classy look.


You need to put up some works since the unit requires a full assembly. The good news is that the product has come with all the tools needed for doing so.

14. Corner Table Restaurant

wooden end table

For a corner restaurant table, you will want a type that has a tall open shelf to place your favorite wine bottles.

All you need to do is preparing a tiny wine rack to keep the bottles on the bottom shelf. Picking one made of mahogany can be perfect since the same is reliable enough to hold some weight.

While providing some space for your wine bottles, the open shelf design will allow you to be as creative as possible on utilizing the available room.


You do not need to assemble this corner restaurant table completely.


The design is a way too classic if you want to put it in a modern-styled restaurant.

15. Corner Table for Bathroom

blue cabinetry

Are you looking for a perfect and versatile table to occupy a bathroom’s corner? This furniture from Heather Ann may suit your taste.

You can use the cabinet-like unit to store your extra towel. Meanwhile, the single drawer will be perfect for saving other bathroom necessities.


With the glass insert double doors, you can keep your things unseen. This may. Your small bathroom may appear more clutter-free.


The price of this Heather Ann corner table is pretty high, but the features provided may make it worth the money.

16. Corner Desk Table

wooden desk

Although a corner table does not have to be made of solid wood, one should worth owning considering its advantages.

This Lyndon table is from Winsome and becomes one of those worthy furniture pieces to have. Its honey pine finish makes the unit look even more impressive, especially in bright light spaces.

Thanks to its conical shape, you can simply slide it into an available corner inside your home. While it is theoretically is around 1.6 ft square in width and depth, the actual product may even take less room than written on paper.


You should not underestimate this Lyndon table because it does not lose utility despite its small dimension.

The unit also owns a warm, bright finish, complementing the durability of solid wood as its primary material.


Assembly is a necessity when taking this table. Then, you should keep in mind that the unit does not come with any hidden storage features.

17. Corner Nook Dining Table

classic round desk

A small corner table can be a nice addition to your nook area as well. Its tiny size allows you to effortlessly situate it anywhere around the narrow space.

With its round shape, you will not hurt yourself when bumping into the table while trying to fit in the narrow nook.


Thanks to the brass finish on the leg and handle, this round table looks very classy.


The table is probably too low if your corner nook is equipped by dining chairs instead of a couch or sofa.

18. Black Corner Table

black corner table

This Broadalbin table is from Three Posts and is available in five different wood finishes. The featured one is the black edition that looks simple yet elegant.

Its black finish makes it pretty flexible to be situated across a variety of styles. For instance, you can incorporate it in a light-colored scheme as an accent.


It is available with a mini drawer for stashing ends and odds. The open shelf on the bottom allows you to put a storage basket or any decorative item as well.


Some homeowners may find the design of this Three Posts table too simple and dull.

19. Wooden Corner Table

rustic end table

If you are looking for a long-term investment, picking a table that is entirely made out of wood will be a perfect solution.

For instance, you can get one that is made of birch for a strong yet easy-to-maintain.


This small corner table is very sturdy and does not require assembly. Thus, you can simply utilize it anywhere around your house.


The distressed finish makes this red-stained birch table seems worn. However, if you want the furniture to complete your shabby-chic style, it should be on your list.

20. DIY Corner Table

barn style end table

If you happen to get interested in handling a project, using solid wood to make sure that the furniture’s longevity is taken into account should be great.

Meanwhile, the bottom shelf is supposed to be capable of holding some extra display space. This way, your small table will remain longer.


When designed properly, you can expect this DIY table to last for a lifetime.


It takes time and effort to create the table yourself, especially if you have not had any experience in performing a DIY craftsmanship project.

21. Pinewood Corner Desk

pinewood corner table

This triangular desk is what you need to complete an awkward corner around your living room. Its vintage look will make it a perfect addition in a country and farmhouse decors.

To make sure your pinewood corner table lasts for a long time, it is important to clean the furniture regularly. However, you should not utilize overly strong cleaning agents to maintain the color. Doing so allows the desk to take care of longevity.


The table can be very durable as long as you perform the right maintenance practice.


Pinewood often requires more care compared to other table materials.

22. Small Console Table

petite end table

A corner console table is a perfect addition to your entryway since it can be a nice way to welcome guests into the home.

Although it is not specially designed to fit a corner, most console tables work perfectly in narrow spaces. They also come in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit your specific needs.

For example, this oak console table is small enough to fit in any narrow corner.


Its tiny size does not stop this unit to offers an adequate storage room for you.


The bright finish makes it prone to smear and dirt, especially if you are living with some kids and pets.

23. Corner Table with Traditional Flair

elegant end table

Even though this table was created for narrow spaces and vintage decorations, it should be able to work perfectly in a dorm room as well.

Nevertheless, refrain from taking it to college unless the intention is to show how much you love your grandma.


The sculptured design is very exceptional, and its small size allows you to situate it easily around the house.


This small table has a unique style that is not everyone’s cup of tea.

24. Black Glass Corner Table

glass coffee table

Whether you decide to cover the top or leave it the natural way, a glass table can easily blend in with your modern decors and contemporary furniture.

However, you need to be careful of placing this table around antique furniture because its chrome finish may make it look too futuristic.


A glass table is always an ideal complement for any narrow space because of its ability to reflect both natural and artificial lights.


Since the tabletop is made of glass, it can be pretty fragile. That’s why you need to move the unit around with care.

25. Small Changing Table

small changing table

Of course, a changing table for your baby is nothing necessary unless you have a dedicated, spacious nursery for one.

If your space does not allow this, picking a small corner table instead of a specially-designed changing desk will be a good option.

You just need to find a unit that matches your nursery or crib style. The one with shelves or drawers is recommended since it provides extra storage for diapers and other necessities for the baby.


This corner changing table has several drawers to accommodate your storage requirements.


The dimension is probably still too large for some homeowners with a very narrow space.

26. Tiny Table with Shelves

three tier end table

Despite its small size, this table does not come pre-assembled. However, you can feel relieved since assembling the same won’t require particular skills or tools.

More interestingly, the tools have been available, and every piece can be screwed in effortlessly. Indeed, if you ever brag about assembling this corner table, none has to know the details.


It has two-level shelves for stacking your decorative pieces.


Without the right decorative pieces, this small corner table may appear tedious.

27. Home Office Printer Table

printer table

Your computer table cannot accommodate another hardware unit like a printer? Then, it is time to consider this product from Winsome.

The Winsome Wood Studio End is a practical printer table that you can tuck in easily in any corner of your home office.


With its neutral wood color, the corner table will blend in your space effortlessly. There is also a small drawer right under the tabletop for storing extra inks, connection wires, or others.


The size of this printer table is not that small, so it may not be suitable for very narrow home offices.

28. Brown Circular End Table

simple black corner table

If you want something more flexible to sit in your living room’s corner, this Toby end table can be the best option.

Its espresso brown color will make it perfect for both modern and classic styled space. Meanwhile, the round shape allows you to save some space for other items.


This corner table is tall enough to give easy access to things put on the tabletop, especially if you are sitting next to it.


There is no additional storage space available, so you can only use the tabletop for displaying decorative items or others.

29. Curved Brown Table

half circular end table

Three Posts has a corner console table that is characterized by its curved brown legs. Compared to other products, it has a pretty exceptional shape as well as design.

Made of firm wood, this console table also offers plenty of tabletop surfaces. You can use it to display your favorite ceramic decors or other ornamental items.


It comes with a unique shape and design, making it a great focal point in any corner.


The height is probably too low if you intend to use the unit for working on something.

30. Mahogany Corner Lamp Table

mahogany end table

Considering the surface space offered by its tabletop, the unit should be able to accommodate a variety of table lamps.

As you can see, the open bottom shelf is also located pretty close to the ground, making it easy to put big storage bins or tall vases that will not look appealing on their own.


You can utilize this corner table other than a unit to sit your lamp only. Its charming style makes it perfect for displaying some decors too.


The tabletop’s surface is probably too undersized if you want to add other things along with a table lamp.

31. Solid Wood End Table

block of wood table

This is another corner end table crafted from solid wood. In addition to the charming timber grains, the unit’s extra storage becomes another plus point.

In case you do not need a cabinet or simply not have room for it, this table is probably your thing.

Even though it does not provide as much storage as a solid wood cabinet can present, this table’s open shelf to keep more than one item on display.


It has enough room to display small sculptures or your favorite cup collections. Meanwhile, this petite drawer on the bottom offers hidden storage for you.


The unit is pretty low, making it a bit difficult to reach if you put it beside a pretty high couch or sofa.

32. Unfinished Wood Table

unfinished corner table

This unfinished wooden desk will work well as a display unit. Its simplicity can blend easily in both traditional and modern styles.

Moreover, it can occupy almost no space thanks to its small size. This corner table works perfectly as a display for more attention-grabbing items.


A petite corner is available for saving small items like keys. Its unfinished style allows you to be more creative in sprucing it up later when needed.


The whole surface of this table is prone to stain and dirt due to the natural light finish.

33. Kitchen Small Corner Table

industrial end table

Considering its size, this table will make a perfect place to put up a vase of flowers or pictures in your kitchen.

If you often bring your gadgets to the kitchen, feel free to arrange them in this table.

Moreover, this furniture is made of metal hardware and hardwood. It signifies that the corner table is built to last without requiring much maintenance.


The height is perfect for a kitchen since it lets you grab things to put on the tabletop effortlessly.


Its tabletop is not that wide, so you can only use it to store something temporary instead of utilizing it for working.

34. Computer Corner Table

corner table for work

You can use this unit as a working corner table as well since the tabletop offers adequate space for a computer display.

To save the room on the tabletop, a shelf designed particularly for storing a keyboard is available. Besides, there is even plenty of space in the back that allows you to place a lamp for working at night.


It comes with two shelves on the bottom that can be utilized to store the computer unit and some books.


If you will only work with a laptop or notebook, this corner table is probably too much since it takes up some space.

35. Side Corner End Table

end table in black

With its espresso finish, it will be a perfect pair for dark furniture or complement brown and white units.

This side corner table can be utilized as a coffee table as well. You just need to move it effortlessly to serve your guests.


Its tabletop offers lots of space for a variety of decorations or to put your things.


The unit is pretty low, so you may find it hard to put and reach things on the tabletop while sitting on the couch next to the table.

36. Rectangular Small End Table

classic square table

If you are looking for one that is going to last a lifetime, this Three Posts Winston end table is indeed the best. It has a sturdy design built completely from kiln-dried mahogany.

This end table proves that not all small corner desks are constructed from composite wood and MDF.


Made of high-quality material, this Winston corner table is supposed to be durable.


It has a classic, vintage appearance that makes it less suitable for modern and contemporary decors.

37. Rustic Chairside End Table

wood and metal desk

Although it is not a true corner table, you can still tuck this unit in a narrow crook around your house.

With a rustic flair, this Winston end table offers everything you need from the spacious tabletop and extra shelf on the bottom.


The combination of metal and solid wood pallets makes this table sturdy.


Its design is less flexible since you will want to put it in farmhouse-style decors instead of others.

38. Gray Corner Table with Storage

gray corner table

You can find a low open shelf in this table, along with a closed drawer right under the top.

The triple display indicates why a little corner table can be a great complement to a hallway or living room. You can add something eye-catching without taking up much space with this.


This Winston Porter end table has a neutral gray color and extra storage.


Its bottom shelf is a bit too high, so you can store taller vases or storage baskets on it.

39. Compact Wooden Desk

wide white desk

Adding this chic country table will provide a fashionable yet rough appeal in your room. The vintage grey color used to finish the pinewood makes it impressive.


The combination of triangular shapes and soft edges keeps the table look simple without sacrificing plenty of details.


It does not have a dedicated room for a processing unit if you want to use it as a corner computer desk.

40. Petite Bathroom Table

petite bathroom cabinet

Although it is more like a corner cabinet instead of a table, the top surface allows you to consider the unit as a versatile desk in the bathroom.


This unit has a hole for toilet paper that is placed underneath. It also has extra storage for storing the spare.


Considering its size, this bathroom table seems like a toy instead of fully-functioning furniture.

41. Small Shower Corner Table

wooden shower bench

If you want one that has more tabletop space, this wooden shower table is probably of interest. It makes everything easy to grab in your bathroom.


The neutral wood finish makes this table suitable in a diverse variety of decors.


Although it is called a shower table, this unit will work better when put next to a bathtub considering its very low height.

42. Russet Chairside Table

wood simple drawer

In addition to the small drawer under the tabletop, you can also get a low open shelf for storing several items at once.

The russet finish gives this table a traditional look. Meanwhile, the combination of wood veneers and hardwood makes it sturdy enough to place several items on the top as well as the bottom shelves.


Offered by Leick, this narrow chairside table provides everything you need for small corner furniture.


Its brunette finish may limit the unit to blend in anywhere.

43. Strapping Corner Lamp Table

wooden lamp desk

Do you want to introduce mahogany in the dining area but cannot afford immense furniture pieces? Then, your choice may fall into the small corner table.

This corner dining table is crafted from kiln-dried mahogany and the same wood veneers. Just like what you can expect from the said timber, the furniture is very solid.


It can house a variety of table lamps, including wedge-shaped ones or plant stand units.


Due to its curved legs and chocolate finishes, this corner table looks aged.

44. Chrome-Finished Small Table

chrome finished table

This simple yet elegant style makes it a perfect addition to any living room. The chrome finish of the three legs complements the clear glass for a more impressive presence.

If you need a unit that provides easy access to things put on top, this table is the right answer as well.


Its chrome finishes make it appears airier, which is perfect for use in narrow spaces.


The construction seems more fragile compared to a wooden table.

45. Small Table with Extra Storage

extra storage

When it comes to a solid wood corner table, most homeowners will think of something durable and strong.


From closed cabinetry to open shelves, you can get loads of storage when adding this corner table around your living room.


This unit is not always suitable for urban dwellers that have a very limited studio apartment only.

46. Versatile Changing Table

three tier changing table

Not all small corner tables are created equal. While some homeowners prefer to use one with a triangular shape, it doesn’t mean that the same is the only suitable for such spots.


The Badger corner changing table comes with sufficient storage for saving some baskets of diapers.


You may find it hard to fit the unit because of its uncommon shape.

47. Round Table with Storage

unique wooden table

If your nook has not had a dining table, adding this unit can accommodate your need. Consider picking the round one for easy access around it.


Under the round tabletop, there is an open shelf and closed drawer for extra storage space.


Because of its size, you may need to sacrifice more space in your nook area for this unit.

48. Tripod Side Table

retro end table

This table is probably not particularly designed for corners, but its triangular shape makes it ideal for narrow spaces.


Its rich walnut veneer makes this table a nice complement in any small nook.


Due to its shape, the Retro corner table may not be able to fill a whole space of a corner.

49. Flexible Glass Table

round glass two tier table

The Marlborough by Mercer41 is a unit that can be used as either a corner or side table. Its round shape and glass shelves help it to be flexible.


With brass and clear glass finishes, this Mercer41 table looks very classy and elegant.


It may seem a bit fragile due to the materials, especially when placed around solid wooden furniture.

50. Golden Corner Tables

twin golden tables

Not only being utilized as a workspace, but small corner tables can be used for other purposes too.

Just like this last unit that offers an impressive space for displaying some decors or temporary storage.

Final Verdict

Start to think of buying one? Simply keep in mind that your corner tables do not always have to come with drawers or shelves since they aren’t cabinets.

All in all, don’t hesitate to pick your favorite corner table from the above list and put appropriate objects for display on it.

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