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Whether you want to add purpose to your basement, studio apartment, game room, or other spaces around the home, building a modern kitchenette can be a great idea.

This small cooking area not only offers you a place to cook but also some room to store snacks and bottles of wine. Besides, it can also help make sense of home even in a small space.

If you are planning to particularly incorporate this cooking area in the basement, a lack of natural illumination and space limitations can be a real challenge.

However, although a kitchenette is often linked to the basement, it doesn’t mean you cannot include it in another space around your home.

To help you create functional and elegant vibes in this small cooking area, I have put together some smart ideas to take into account.

1. British Style Kitchenette

basement kitchenette

Owning a wide kitchen with a spectacular island and an abundance amount of storage space is probably everyone’s dream.

If your basement or small space doesn’t allow you to create such a big kitchen, designing a kitchenette with elegant British style like shown above must be perfect.

While in the UK, some townhouses frequently feature a basement kitchen that links into the backyard or a terrace, remember that not all cooking areas are made equal.

This classic kitchen shows that even a smaller one can look just as lovely as the bigger cooking space. The black and white color palette makes the room even more elegant.


The exposed beams and monochromatic task lights give an eye-catching industrial flair in space. Meanwhile, the silvery surface throughout the kitchenette hints a modern vibe.

Additional spotlight lamps installed on the wood beams can deal with the common basement kitchen’s issue: a lack of illumination.


Despite occupying a small apart of the kitchen, not all basement or studio apartment can accommodate it.

Consider swapping a permanent kitchen island with a table or anything that can be moved easily when you require more space to prepare foods and beverages.

2. Dark Wood Kitchenette

kitchenette ideas

Shiny white walls often complete a modern apartment and alike. With wooden floors, space can appear simpler yet charming.

To complete space, a dark wood cooking area and a round table island are incorporated into the room, offering extra purpose in the right way.

You can switch the black upper cabinets with contemporary glass-front cabinetry to keep everything that feels open and airy. Meanwhile, use the peninsula to provide a sink and some worktop.

While everything seems simple and modern, don’t hesitate to put a gilded mirror leaning on the countertop for a touch of vintage style in the kitchenette.


The overall design seems so inviting and eye-catching. You will love the natural vibe of this small cooking area, especially the comfy round table utilized as an island in this kitchen.


Considering the space used, the design is probably not suitable for a very narrow corner in your basement. It will be great if you have a dedicated space for this kitchenette idea.

3. Fun and Practical Kitchenette

kitchenette sets

Of course, kitchenette definition is related to a small cooking area with a fridge and microwave. Some homeowners use it as a cold kitchen and store some snacks.

It is not impossible to incorporate other appliances to this tiny space, especially if you are living in a studio apartment and require a place to cook.

In this simple yet functional kitchen, kids can get snacks and wash their dishes in the sink after playing some board games in the basement.

To make space more practical, a combi oven is added so that you can cook instead of microwaving your foods only.

If you want to make the kitchenette looks crisp and modern, introducing stainless steel appliances, white painted walls, and grey wood-toned cabinets will be the best bet.


The open shelving unit floating over the sink makes it easy to grab some glasses and bowls for your foods. Not to mention the decorative displays that create a colorful focal point.


Without incorporating any colors through decorative displays, such a kitchenette will appear dull and less eye-catching.

4. Modern Brick Wall

a kitchenette design

For an inviting basement kitchenette that is added to complete a living area, consider blending the background to keep the focus on the comfy seating instead of your cabinetry.

Utilizing an exposed brick feature wall will be an ideal option. Consider picking one that suits the basement’s color scheme for this purpose.

You can complete space with a wine fridge so that everyone can easily get their drink while watching TV or movies at night.


Thanks to the small kitchen, the basement can be a perfect area for big games and parties with friends.


The kitchenette design is overwhelmed by the seating area. It will not be a good choice if you want to make your kitchen as the focal point of the basement.

5. Smart Lighting Kitchenette

installing a kitchenette

It’s no secret that designing a basement kitchenette requires you to deal with a lighting issue since some space will not receive adequate illumination.

In case your basement areas do not have any windows or sources of natural light, installing recessed lighting into the ceiling can be a smart idea.

If you prefer something more unique and fancy, creating glass block-style built-in LED panels will be a great solution. Diffusing warm light from overhead, this lighting fixture can introduce the illusion of natural illumination.


You do not need to worry about the lighting issue since the LED panels will be adequate to brighten up your entire functional kitchenette.


Creating DIY LED panels are probably more expensive than getting conventional lighting fixtures.

6. Contrasted Feature Wall

kitchen cabinets

This stylish apartment has an open-floor cooking area with complete features and appliances. From that fridge to the stove, there is everything needed for preparing your meals.

It will make a great idea for a second kitchen in the basement, too, especially if you need one to accommodate your love for cooking with more storage and fridge.

A room divider is used as an additional worktop where you can put your groceries before storing them into the fridge. It makes a great spot to showcase some decorative displays as well.

While being functional, the divider helps to define the kitchenette from a nearby dining and seating area outfitted with a comfortable Scandinavian sofa in neutral-colored upholstery.


The bold orange feature wall makes the kitchen a darling of the apartment. The design is pretty versatile since it is perfect for both primary small cooking area in apartments and secondary basement kitchenette.


Open floor plans typically cost higher in terms of construction. They can be more expensive to heat and cool compared to the conventional layout.

7. One-Wall Kitchenette Unit

blue tone area

Do you need an excellent idea for a small basement kitchen? This eclectic cooking area is probably of interest due to its versatility and ample storage.

This basement features a kitchenette that takes up one wall only. A bold contemporary palette of bottle green, white, light brown, and stainless steel makes the room looks so stunning.

Three rows of floating shelves house a variety of glasses, offering extra storage for the closed cabinetry. They also give a sense of lightness to this underground space.

A lighting panel is incorporated over the countertop to help you prepare any food and drink more easily.


The opaque glass-front upper cabinetry can help reflect light from the lights installed around the kitchenette.


You probably do not like the bottle green part since they are too much. Manage this issue by painting one or two sides of the walls only with the same or other bold colors.

8. Traditional Farmhouse Kitchen

farmhouse style

If you are into traditional style and want to introduce farmhouse design to your basement, creating a kitchen area with such an idea will make a lot of sense.

This elegant little kitchenette comes with shaker cabinets coated in a balance pale blue-green palette. Meanwhile, a farmhouse-style sink blends very well with the white countertop and other elements.

A selection of open wooden shelves completes the kitchen by providing additional storage space for snacks, pieces of bread, and others.


The open shelving unit allows you to display decorative items like flower vases and indoor plants for extra visual interest.


It is not a flexible design choice, so you will find it difficult to adjust the idea for an existing basement or apartment with a more modern flair.

9. Cellar Bar and Wine Storage

cabinet kitchenette

If you want to design your kitchenette as a place to have a drink instead of cooking, this cellar bar makes a perfect alternative.

This cellar bar is also built as a wine storage corner, offering a great space for those who love to drink.

Glass-door cabinets are added to space for storing an abundance collection of wine bottles. There is also a dedicated area for preparing cocktails and alike.


You have ample space for storing anything from bottle collections to glasses and decorative pieces.


Designed as a bar and wine storage, you cannot prepare meals in this kitchenette idea due to the lack of appliances.

10. Glass-Front Upper Cabinetry

corner snack bar

This basement has a little cooking area that provides temperature-controlled storage for beverages. Plenty of storage allows you to have more snacks in the kitchen.

To make space look even lighter, glass-front cabinetry is incorporated into the room. You can consider installing interior lit in the cabinets to make them appear like a pair of windows.


A range of lighting fixtures added to space can brighten up the basement more properly.


Despite its pretty big size, this kitchenette is not equipped with a stove for cooking. It will only make a great cold kitchen and a space to grab your favorite snacks.

11. Chic Mini Kitchen

chic style

Similar to the above idea, this mini kitchen has glass-door cabinetry that allows you to easily find snacks being stored there.

Meanwhile, between the upper glass-door cabinets, there is a space dedicated to storing bottles, so you can easily grab one when needed.

Another charming point about this basement kitchenette is the glossy brick backsplash. Its glam appearance blends well with the brown cabinets and the off-white walls.


The color palette is neutral and so lovely, making it easy to apply in any basement. Only taking one wall side, your narrow space will not be hurt with this idea as well.


Its location makes this mini kitchen less outstanding in the basement. It is rather an additional purpose instead of being the star of your space.

12. Tiny yet Almighty

corner dry bar

If you do not know how to maximize that awkward corner under the stair, incorporating a kitchenette can be a good solution.

Just like this mini kitchen that occupies the small corner under the stairs that connect the upper and lower ground.

Even though it does not have a stove, the mini kitchen makes a practical space for a cocktail prep and snacking.

A pair of floating shelves are attached to the wall to house artwork and other decorative items.


This idea does not take so much space, so it will be suitable for any basement. You can even tuck the mini kitchen somewhere hidden.


Considering its small size, it cannot accommodate two persons to prepare the drinks and get some snacks at the same time.

13. Brick and Wood

combination of wood and brick

The combination of exposed brick backsplash and floating wooden shelves offers an eye-catching style in this basement kitchenette.

To balance the outstanding backsplash, the countertop is in stainless steel, and the cabinetry is kept neutral with dark-colored tones.

Another fascinating point about this mini kitchen will be the recessed wall that is combined with wooden shelves for decoration display.


With a tucked-away design, this mini kitchen will be perfect for a narrow basement where you want to incorporate several purposes at once.


Without an abundance source of light, this mini kitchen may appear dull and cramped. That’s why you need to install several types of lighting functions to make the most of the space.

14. Hidden Coffee Bar

coffee bar idea

There is no rule to showcase your kitchenette unit all the time. This idea shows how you can perfectly hide yours, just like a closet.

You can easily grab some fruits, get your favorite drinks, or even prepare for a cup of coffee in this mini kitchen.

With a comfy chair nearby, you can enjoy your snacks and drinks right away while reading a morning newspaper or enjoying your afternoon rest.


Once you close the doors, it will simply appear like an accent wall. Thus


Opening the door may take time compared to just jumping to the kitchenette right away. However, if you want to hide yours for particular purposes, it will make a perfect idea.

15. Paintable Backdrop

mini fridge on kitchenette

What is more exciting than having some space to write your favorite quotes or draw something fancy? If you are on the same mind, this mini kitchen idea is just right.

Occupying one wall only, this basement kitchenette is still well-equipped despite being a secondary kitchen.

Located near a spot for a casual family gathering, this mini kitchen offers a fridge, microwave, storage, and enough worktops for preparing drinks or storing snacks.

Then, to accommodate the homeowner’s creativity, the backsplash is coated in paintable black paint.


The floating stainless steel shelves offer extra space to display a variety of colorful decorations that brighten up the kitchen.


There is a chance you mess up with the painting. If it happens, your kitchenette may appear chaotic.

16. Game Room Kitchenette

kitchenette basement

Adding a mini kitchen in your game room allows you to grab some drinks easily. Meanwhile, the spacious worktop can be used to store snacks and others.

This small kitchen design also includes a sink, so you do not need to do the dishes upper ground. The refrigerator will keep your beverages fresh at any time.


The faux wooden feature wall creates an interesting contrast to the light-colored ceiling and other elements. The use of pendant lighting as additional illumination is highly appreciated in this basement kitchenette.


Even though it takes more than a one-side wall, this mini kitchen does not feature a stove. There is no additional storage to complete the lower cabinetry too.

17. Office Mini Kitchen

small hidden kitchen

Office kitchenette does matter, especially if you want to provide the officers with a functional perk that may improve their productivity.

By adding a mini kitchen around the workplace, the officers can grab a cup of coffee or tea when requiring such refreshment while completing their jobs.

You can use a small corner near the center workplace so that everyone can reach the kitchen without taking so much time.

Then, don’t forget to design it in harmony with the rest of your office. Keep in mind that good design will make that mini kitchen the heart of the workspace.


A well-equipped mini kitchen can generally increase employee satisfaction. You can also consider offering some fruits and other nutritional snacks to encourage healthy habits in the workplace.


If not designed properly, your mini kitchen can hurt the rest design and style of the office.

18. Narrow Corner Kitchen

kitchenette bar

Who says you cannot take advantage of a narrow corner in your studio apartment for something more functional and beautiful?

This lovely kitchenette does not feel cramped at all thanks to the use of white paints in nearly all of the surfaces.

For additional storage, there is a pair of floating shelves adjoined on the wall. They offer enough space to store glass as well as cup collections and even some decorative items.


Despite the all-white design, this mini kitchen appears outstandingly charming thanks to the smart use of colorful rugs and artworks.


Its small space only allows one person to prepare some drinks. Thus, if you live with a family of two or more, the members need to take turns when using the kitchenette.

19. Perfect Communal Kitchenette

white and yellow set

This is another perfect idea if you want to add a mini kitchen around the office. Taking advantage of a hallway, the kitchenette makes a perfect space for the workers to hang out.

Besides, there is a mini counter along with several bar stools to enjoy a quick coffee break during the working time.


The backsplash and countertop are in bright yellow, introducing a fascinating contrast to the rest of the all-white hallway.


Even though it is designed with a minibar, there are only several stools available. Thus, not many officers can use space at the same time.

20. All-in-One Cooking Space

wooden style

An all in one kitchenette is a perfect choice for those who want to have a secondary cooking space in their basement.

In addition to the must-have fridge as well as a microwave, this mini kitchen is also equipped with an all-purpose oven, induction cooktop, and sink.

With all the features provided, you can prepare some meals and beverages while entertaining your guests in this basement family room.


The use of natural wooden cabinetry makes this kitchenette idea perfect for both modern and traditional spaces.


For some tastes, the design probably feels too ordinary. If you want to brighten up space, consider adding more indoor plants around the mini kitchen.

21. Gray Mini Kitchenette

white dining set

This kitchen concept theoretically can be easily transported into a corner of your basement as a practical kitchenette.

Despite its small size, the unit offers a sink, fridge, and stove to accommodate your meal prep in the basement.

With a kitchen this small, you can bring in a dining table and chairs to complete the area without too much difficulty. To keep the brightness of space, stick to white or neutral-colored furniture.


The dark gray cabinetry introduces a unique yet balanced contrast in the all-white space. Meanwhile, the patterned backsplash tiles offer a visually-pleased element in this mini kitchen.


If you have a family with more than four members, this kitchenette is probably too small. Consider installing a kind of folded furniture to maximize space.

22. Extra Tips to Maximize a Small Kitchen

brown dining fireplace

Despite the limited space utilized, a kitchenette can be equally well-equipped as the bigger counterpart. With a few tips in mind, it is not impossible to make the most of your small kitchen.

Make sure to take advantage of every inch of space and plan the furniture to suit even the awkward corner in your kitchen.

You may need to opt for customizable furniture when designing a small kitchen. Even though it can be more costly than getting the standard sizes, it will help to make the most of the available space.

In any space that remains unusable because of the kitchenette’s irregular shape, don’t hesitate to incorporate unique items and decorations.

Use a Sliding Door on Your Kitchenette

using sliding door

Standard doors will require some room for opening and closing. To maximize the available space, opt for a sliding entrance to get into your small cooking area.

To get some extra light, consider picking a glass model. Then, try to find one with a slow, delayed closing as well since it will be more comfortable.

When it comes to doors, installing furniture with them to hide tiny appliances inside can be a great choice as well. This way, the counter of your kitchenette is going to appear organized and neat all the time.

Benefit Wall Height

white walls

You may not have a wider kitchen, but it does not mean that owning more storage space is impossible. Simply take advantage of your wall height to its fullest for this purpose.

Don’t measure your kitchenette space in square meters only while it is possible to do it in cubical matters. This is because the chances of storage and distribution provided by the wall’s height can be very useful when you lack width.

Consider getting high furniture that reaches the kitchen’s ceiling to significantly increase the storage capacity of your space.

It is recommended to opt for cabinetry with glass or white doors to illuminate the room while preventing the kitchenette from becoming too overwhelming.

Introduce Rods and Hooks

using hooks

Do you want to hang some kitchen accessories? Utilize some hooks and rods to do so. This way, there will be more space on the countertop.

Install the rods or hooks on the windowsill, dashboard, or even on a wall. Then, use them to hang your cooking utensils and cutlery.

They will make a great item to hang a full spice rack or other items like a cling film and aluminum foil. Organize the rods or hooks neatly to get the best outcome!

Moreover, you can also take advantage of space inside your cabinets to install hooks. They will be useful to hang mugs and cups on the underside of the inset shelves.

Pick the Right Color Schemes

kitchenette unit

It is no secret that the right color schemes can make the most of your small kitchenette. For example, white will be able to attract more light while creating an illusion of more spacious space.

When picking the color for your countertops, try to include light colors on the list since they can make the room feel brighter and sizeable as well.

Incorporating materials with a gloss or satin finish on the cabinet coatings, countertops, or tiling will be a great idea as well.

They can reflect artificial as well as the natural light that improves the spatial perception of your kitchenette. Polished, lacquered, or metalized surfaces make a great companion for this purpose.

23. Things to Consider When Designing a Kitchenette

backsplash design

What is a kitchenette or mini kitchen exactly, and why you need to consider something when designing this space? Of course, it is not too late to answer such questions at this point.

When it comes to a mini kitchen, simply imagine a meal prep area in a studio apartment or suite hotel rooms. This space is often smartly designed to maximize restricted space to its complete potential.

In many houses, mini-kitchens are typically added in a basement, guest area, or even home office as a secondary cooking space.

After knowing some ideas to apply and several tips to make the most of your kitchenette, make sure to read the following information for another stuff to consider when designing a mini kitchen.

Plumbing Requirements

plumbing idea

As a DIY enthusiast, you probably will not find too many problems when creating a home kitchenette.

However, the chances are you will not want to play around with plumbing. Indeed, it is always better to let an expert do the work for this case.

If you want to include a sink in your kitchenette, your plumbing choice is pretty significant. Always start with picking where to add the mini kitchen.

A shared wall close to other plumbing outlets such as a laundry room or bathroom must be perfect. It allows your plumber to make the connections without costing too much.

In case you don’t need a sink or your budget and space doesn’t allow it, opt for a built-in water cooler can be a good option too.


preparing appliances

To create a fully handy one, you will need several appliances to equip this space. A microwave and a mini-fridge under the worktop are mostly available in a kitchenette.

Aside from those essential appliances, you can also add a small stove and convection oven to make the most of the mini kitchen.

Nevertheless, when selecting what to include in your mini kitchen, keep in mind about the unit’s proposed use.

If you are renting out an extra room, adding all the above-mentioned appliances or even more can be a great option.

On the other hand, if you utilize the kitchenette in your home office, incorporating a stove is probably too much. In this case, small fridges that can store a variety of beverages and foods will be enough.

Furthermore, you should consider adding other popular appliances like a blender, kettle, toaster, or coffee machine.

Since these items will offer not only extra functions but also an additional visual interest in your mini kitchen design, make sure to think carefully before executing your project.


all white design

Your mini kitchen requires ample working and preparation areas too. Thus, create a comfy space to prepare and cut ingredients, blend, stir, and mix.

In a kitchenette, this space can be pretty limited, especially if you think of adding a sink and/or stove in the design.

At this point, you may consider enlarging space by incorporating extra counter space that can be folded in and out from the primary unit.

Otherwise, you can take advantage of custom coverings to work over your stove or sink. Consider selecting the identical material to the rest of the countertop for a consistent look.


storage system

A kitchenette is typically added to limited space, so you need to make the most of the available room, especially when it comes to storage.

You can utilize something like organizers, cabinet door shelves, corner units, and separators to maximize your prospects.

Try to hang items from the ceiling or on the wall to keep your mini kitchen clutter-free. Other practical storage savers to consider are knife blocks and a pull-out garbage can.

Besides, make sure to never overfill your space. You must be critical when determining what items warrant a space in the kitchenette.

Individual Finishes

kitchenette table

Mini kitchens will not take a lot of room since most of them typically use up to 3 meters of wall space. For this reason, you should know how to add personality in the design.

You may think of adding an interesting backsplash or unique-looking countertop. Incorporating brass hardware can be a good option as well to make your kitchenette appear more beautiful.

If you acquire no plumbing limitations, putting your mini kitchen on wheels will be an exceptional choice.

However, when designing a mini kitchen, you should remember that the goal is to lessen mess and keep everything minimal.

Your small cooking area can be cluttered sometimes, so following a strict necessities-only layout when designing space will not hurt in the end.

24. Get Started with Your Mini Kitchenette Project


After getting some ideas in mind, you probably want to jump to the project right away. However, planning and setting up your kitchenette must come first.

Keep in mind that any successful home improvement project starts with comprehensive planning. You should coordinate with a reliable contractor in advance to make the most of the plan.

Whether the basement is finished or unfinished will play a role in your planning. If you already own a complete one, the work is supposed to be much simpler.

On the other hand, if the basement is a kind of catch-all of old junk, there will be more work to be done before setting up your kitchenette.

When setting up a basement kitchenette, safety is one of the most important factors to take into account.

With a mini kitchen in the basement, you better figure out the local code related to renovations in this underground space. Then, take plenty of safety precautions such as smoke alarms, escape routes, and sprinkles.

Kitchenette Size

size of cabinet

In general, a kitchenette is tinier than a standard kitchen. However, you can still find it come up in various sizes.

For instance, on the compact end, a mini-kitchen may only offer the basics of necessities, including a tiny wall cabinet, small counter, and an appliance or two.

This unit size is suitable enough to fit into a small corner of your basement. Meanwhile, you can opt for a bit larger kitchenette that takes up one end of space.

For a bigger unit, you may add a few more appliances and acquire a wider working space. However, it should not be as big as a traditional kitchen.

Then, how should you determine the size of the unit? Keep in mind that the right one should depend on the available space, budget, and the number of families who will utilize the kitchenette.

Ventilation and Lighting

You will not want cooking odors and fumes getting trapped in your basement mini kitchen. That’s why installing proper ventilation is crucial for comfort as well as safety.

Try to discuss with your contractor to decide which kind of ventilation is the finest for the unit. Meanwhile, it is also important to plan the lighting choice.

Pick your lighting fixtures with both functional and visual goals in mind. When it comes to the aesthetics side, consider whether you want the unit to look warm, cool, or elegant.

Then, use your lighting options to achieve the goals. You may also think of utilizing strip and puck lights for additional decorative effect on particular areas of the kitchenette.

In terms of practical parts, make sure that your choice of overhead lighting can offer enough illumination for every corner of the unit. You may consider incorporating under-cabinet lights to brighten up the worktop too.

Wet VS Dry Bar

wet or dry bar

A dry bar refers to a drink center that acquires no running water. On the other hand, a wet one typically has it along with a sink.

Your kitchenette does not necessarily consider as either dry or wet bar just because it serves alcoholic beverages. Then, which is the winner between these two when setting up a mini kitchen?

The answer to the above question will depend on your budget and preferences. A wet bar is considered more convenient, but it may cost more than the dry one.

Meanwhile, a dry bar typically cost less since there is no need to build proper plumbing for running water.

Final Thoughts

savvy kitchen

Compact and versatile, kitchenettes are indeed a wonderful addition to any modern houses as well as apartments.

As many homeowners prefer to live a life less cluttered by reducing the use of insignificant distractions and things, kitchenettes must become everyone’s favorite in no time.

When you put in some effort, these mini kitchens can be very lovely as well. With the right colors, appliances, and plants, there is no doubt that they will turn out beautiful.

Finally, if it seems so hard to begin with, you can simply use the above ideas and tips for maximizing your kitchenette design. Happy planning!

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