No matter how you choose to look at it, the concept of a pedestal sink has been around for a long time.  In some form or another — and in varying degrees of popularity when it comes to home design — pedestal sinks have survived it all and are now back again in pure modern form.  What should you know about this trend in your current bathroom?  There’s a lot.  While it often gets overlooked in favor of fancy, sleek and beautiful vanities with built-in sinks, there’s a lot of sophistication and modern class waiting for you in the simple pedestal sink style. Here’s what you should know.

Pedestal Sink

pedestal sink storage

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What is a pedestal sink?

Silly question, maybe, but understanding what a pedestal sink is will help you see why it’s so popular even in competition with a lot of the higher end, vanity-based sinks.  The features of the pedestal sink include:

  • Clean and minimalistic lines: A pedestal sink is all about creating an impression of itself using the form of its shape and design to do so. The bowl, the backsplash, the subtle curve of the pipe encased in enamel…it all focus on a clean, controlled, and classic appeal that you can’t find in a lot of designs.  For the minimalist, this works.
  • Open architecture for a clear view: There’s also something to be said about pedestal sinks and their love of architectural designs. When it’s just sleek and slim, or you go instead for something a bit more focused on flourishes in all of the right places, this is a clean architectural design perk that its hard to find elsewhere, admittedly.
  • Sophistication in classic appeal: As you know, pedestal sinks have been around for a long time. Longer than vanity sinks, anyway.  They give that definitive and authoritative appeal that you won’t find in another style, and that gives them to class, elegance, and sophistication, too.


With all that said, it seems like a small pedestal sink or large pedestal sink — or even a corner pedestal sink — could be the right match for you, right?  Hang on, though.  All of this history and classic appeal are going to come at a price for some modern home designers.

Pedestal Sink Storage

pedestal sink storage

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How to work with pedestal sink storage

The catch with this distinctive and classic appeal is that of pedestal sink storage.  Specifically, there is none.  Did you feel like you were going to have a meltdown?  That’s precisely how many have felt before you once they take a look at that majestic design and see it, instead, for all of the things that it’s missing.

Specifically, no drawers, no cabinets, nowhere to store cleaners or toilet paper, or cosmetics. Not so much as pads or eyeliner can fit anywhere, that isn’t hidden from view!  Even the most basic vanity sinks have that.

If you want to combine pedestal sink storage with actual, you know, storage, the focus becomes more on hidden storage. That is small dishes or compact boxes that look pretty but still hide your jewelry, amongst other things. But, as you guessed, this is still minimal unless you have a large pedestal sink.

Big or Small Pedestal Sink?

So, that brings us to the question of size. Do you want a big pot small pedestal sink?  And how is that differentiation going to help you out with pedestal sink storage?  Will you get fewer storage options with a small pedestal sink than a large one?  Is it noticeable enough to make you go more significant rather than lower?

You will be able to get more pretty pots and bowls on your more massive pedestal sink than the smaller ones, but you are still going to have to focus on the reality that your space will be limited. You always can’t find anything big enough for toilet paper or other essential things you like to have there.  That doesn’t even touch something like flat irons and other necessary cosmetic details.

Remember, too, that a more massive pedestal sink means you have to have the actual space in your bathroom.  A smaller one, or a corner pedestal sink, will fit more accessible in those tight spaces.


What Options Exist for a Pedestal Sink Cabinet?

You see this heading and get excited, right?  There are options for a pedestal sink cabinet, of course, but the thing is that it turns the aesthetic of the pedestal sink into a vanity.  By building your pedestal sink cabinet (or retrofitting something store-bought), you’re taking away all of the distinguishing features of the pedestal sink, and you’ll still pay the pretty penny for it.  You can find options for a pedestal sink cabinet, but why cover up the architectural design that you’re spending more money on?


Perks of a Corner Pedestal Sink

Maybe you can look at the idea of a corner pedestal sink and then add in a dresser or something similar for storage in your bathroom.  That sounds like a great idea, for sure, but it’s going to also come at a cost. This time, it’s a financial cost.  Corner pedestal sink options tend to be expensive due to the new design that goes into them.  They’re also harder to install due to structural issues and can be frustrating if the corner of your room happens not to be an exact match (which happens terrifyingly often).

Modern Pedestal Sink

modern pedestal sink ideas

Source: Esteban Cortez

What’s the deal with a modern pedestal sink

So, if a corner pedestal sink is going to be a pain and they’re not great for storage, then what’s the big deal about the new ad improved modern pedestal sink?  It all comes down to aesthetic appeal. If you are designing a guest bathroom or you are looking for a way to bring in that minimalistic, small-space appeal, a modern pedestal sink is hard to beat. However, if you are looking at something like a single-bathroom home, you’ll still be faced with all of the hate issues of a classic sink, just in the form and price range of a modern pedestal sink.

So…what’s the solution?

The thing with going with a modern pedestal sink is that, as beautiful as it looks, it’s not designed for real life. Unless you are looking to get a cheap pedestal sink and then add in a cabinet to form a vanity, you’ll pay a whole lot of money for no storage, or cover up the money you paid — literally — with some sort of pedestal sink cabinet.

Whenever you come at a pedestal sink for storage, it’s always going to be a bad idea.  No matter how much you love the design and look of a pedestal sink — and you are among many who do — it’s not designed for real life and the sheer amount of stuff that it brings.  After a few months of this design, you’ll find the lack of storage frustrating, and it’ll lead you to make the drastic decision to build or buy a cabinet and ruin the effect. Outside of a guest bathroom where no staff is required to be stored by the sink, a pedestal sink is never going to give you the storage option that you need.

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