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The use of room dividers has recently become increasingly popular. Compared to building a permanent wall, this feature is more practical and more cost-effective in creating a new space. A divider material will instantly separate a single room into two privacies.

Room partitions are not something new. This method has been since ancient times by utilizing simple objects, from mosquito nets, curtains, and even solid materials such as wood. The goal is the same, namely dividing one space so that it can be for several purposes.

However, over time, the purpose of using partitions has finally changed. Although it is still to separate the space, people are starting to think about aesthetics. Since then, various separator designs have appeared as decoration media.

Room Dividers: When to Use It

Room dividers used for many purposes, both in private homes, offices, and public places. This method is indeed quite popular in utilizing space so that it can be for other purposes. The following are some examples of their use in everyday life.

1. Office Room Dividers

room dividers office

One of the most common uses of room dividers is in office buildings. As we know, space in a building usually consists of a large vacant lot. Therefore, the user builds some barriers so that it can be for several things at once.

It enables hundreds of people to finish their work privately. A partition even allows two rooms in the same space to have completely different features. For example, one is used as an airtight room, while the next to it makes it possible to carry out activities that involve sound.

However, given the changing use of the office room, dividers installation should be as easy as possible to dismantle again if needed. This feature has become a solution and a breakthrough in the concept of space utilization.

2. Public Toilets


This method is also commonly found in various public places, such as public toilets. A large room is divided into several parts and allows several people to use it at once.

The room dividers concept that is applied is also not too complicated because the separator can be dismantled and moved at any time. However, you can certainly feel that this simple method has succeeded in providing privacy and comfort in the most private moments.

3. Internet Cafes

room dividers cafe

Apart from public toilets, several public locations that use room dividers include internet cafes. Can you imagine what if this place had no boundaries? What you are browsing may be easily glimpsed by any stranger next to you. It is not a fun thing.

Internet cafes themselves have various ways to create a comfortable space for browsing. Some use cubicle dividers like those commonly found in offices, but some use a thick barrier, for example, from fiberglass.

4. Public Telephone

room dividers near me

The telephone is a public facility you often encounter as a public facility. Of course, you can also see that this place is always in the form of a booth. The purpose is to protect the privacy of the user when talking to the opposite side.

It is very reasonable as talking on the phone is one of the most private activities. You certainly do not want your matters to become public property just because of the absence of room dividers when using this service.

5. Praying Rooms

praying room dividers

Regardless of religion, barriers are commonly used in most places of praying, for example, for separating two different groups so that each of them could focus on their prayer. Besides, partition also installed in locations that require privacy, such as places of confession.

Religious activities are also considered sacred and require full concentration. It is what makes some people design it very privately so that anyone who uses it can concentrate fully. The use of room dividers materials for this purpose is also very diverse.

6. Restaurants

looking for a room dividers

The separator used is sometimes even designed to be a booth that can guarantee user privacy. But in some uses, dividers are only a barrier without having to keep it private. One example is the use of decorative curtains in restaurants to separate tables from one another.

Moreover, some restaurants only use room dividers for decoration purposes. Some decorative fences, for example, made of plants or wood structures, are installed in some locations only as road guides so that visitors pass the path as directed.

7. Privacy Room Dividers

room dividers clear

The use of dividers for privacy is very general. It applies anywhere, whether at home, work, or the public. As mentioned above, some locations that require privacy include public phones, fitting rooms, toilets, and so on.

Room dividers are even used in private bathrooms at home, for example, in a bathtub or shower cubicle that is usually closed and separated from the sink. The same thing happens to walk-through closets in homes that are closed even without doors.

8. Dividing the Kitchen and Dining Area

room dividers decorative

Apart from that, the use of room dividers also applies to several other purposes. We can find a partition in the kitchen, where its function is to separate the space used as the cooking process from the dining room.

The separator used is not too complicated, which is only a table placed in such a way as to suggest that the two places are two different rooms. You can also use other media that are simple but quite effective.

9. Room Dividers at Home Area

room dividers etsy

Not only in office areas and public facilities, but partition has also developed in private residential homes. The too-large spaces with less effective use are then isolated so that they can be for other purposes.

One example that we often see is the use of bookshelves as a divider between the living room and family room. As if it were a decoration, the furniture turned out to be quite successful as a separator to help the effective use of space.

In addition to these examples, there are many more examples of using room dividers at home. Even the use of simple curtains can make one space that initially becomes one look different. Use an attractive separator to enhance the appearance of your room.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, you may also find the use of dividers in locations that you may not even be aware of. Therefore, for you to better understand this method, the next discussion will discuss the types of widely-used separators.

DIY Room Dividers Ideas

When you look at room dividers used in office areas or public facilities, you might think that this separator is something luxurious. Beautiful designs and ornaments provide high aesthetic value. Do you know that all those dividers can be handmade?

You can even make your own from simple materials. The separators you use do not have to be as good as those made by IKEA, but you can take advantage of the existing things in your house to create new rooms that can be for different purposes. Here are some of them:

1. Curtain Room Dividers

partition for studio

It is not a new concept because the curtains have been popular for a long time as a barrier between two spaces. People use it as a bedroom divider with another room next to it. Some others also use mosquito nets to limit their privacy areas, for example, to change clothes.

However, modern society has recently used it more like a cover to protect privacy, for example, to prevent others from looking into the room. Whereas, you can use them as beautiful hanging room dividers by choosing the most attractive design.

Afterward, you can hang it at the location you want to give a divider. As with other hanging types, you need to provide a pole at the top to hang the curtain. To use it, all you have to do is slide or unscrew it. The right choice will make the room look more beautiful.

2. Wooden Room Dividers

inexpensive partition

It is undeniable that the material from wood does have high aesthetic value. The impression of being close to nature will radiate when you see the furniture made of this material. We will also feel it when enjoying the beauty of wooden room dividers.

This material can turn into a wide variety of attractive separators. However, because of its weight and texture, there are not many designs to explore for hanging dividers. However, it is still possible to do this by turning them into tiny pieces or plates of artistic shapes.

After that, bundle several pieces together with the help of rope, glue, or other available items. Once it becomes a curtain, then you can install it as a charming partition. You do not need to buy it if you can make it yourself.

3. Bamboo Room Divider

room dividers japanese style

Apart from wood, bamboo is also a material that is no less sweet in terms of beautifying the room. There are many ways to use this material to become beautiful room dividers, one of which is by turning it into blinds.

It is not only a separator but also commonly used for window decoration that can open and close as desired. If you want to make it a hanging room divider, then the method you need to do is almost the same as the wooden one.

It is good that bamboo has a higher flexibility to form. You can cut it into several blades and then join them together. This design is quite common in many countries, such as Japan, Korea, and many more.

4. Modern Room Dividers

room dividers hobby lobby

Modern design always refers to a style that is simple but has a high use value. Of course, many room dividers can support this concept. You can even use decorative curtains, simple wood materials, or rows of plants arranged.

Some of the furniture you have, such as bookshelves, cabinets, or sliding doors, can also be a practical choice. In addition to providing high aesthetic value, the use of furniture as room dividers also supports the concept of space efficiency.

5. Hanging Plants Dividers

room dividers for sale

Being creative with room dividers is a fun thing. The reason is, you can use any object to insulate the room. It is not necessary to think too far as you can use the plants around you.

Arranging the plant room dividers can be done in various ways. However, because this section focuses on the hanging method, we will first discuss how to hang our favorite plants to become beautiful separators.

One way is to use a large potholder hung in the room. You can place several pots in there and create attractive decorations to separate the room while presenting a beautiful impression around it. Currently, there are various designs of plant pot curtains you can choose.

6. Plant Tendrils Dividers

room dividers now

This method is the easiest. You only need to provide a stick or pole to hang horizontally at the top of the room. Next, you can place various vine plants as curtain dividers. However, you have to make sure that your plants are long enough to be a separator.

However, you also have to be careful when caring for these room dividers. You should put a small space under it for maintenance purposes. The reason is, these vines still need nutrients and water. Arrange for the treatment not to litter the floor.

7. Plastic-Based Partition

room dividers home

Among the many designs and materials, plastic is the most wanted. Apart from being an attractive and varied design, it is easy to maintain. For example, if you place plastic plants as room dividers, then you do not have to worry about watering them.

Almost any room dividers, with various designs and materials, can be imitated with plastic: curtains, blinds, plants, shells, and many more. All you need to do is choosing which one suits your tastes. But if you want to put this material as a separator, then choose a high-quality one.

8. Rope-Based Partition

room dividers ideas

Room dividers do not even need to use troublesome materials. You can use ropes to create a rustic feel in the room. Some rope knot designs are indeed quite attractive to display. Also, the countryside nuances provide peace to anyone who enjoys it.

Nevertheless, we can make it simpler than knots. You can put a few ropes in a row on a hanging pole or stick. They will stick out from top to bottom and turn into a pretty curtain. Because of the stable weight, they will not be blown easily but are still light enough to adjust.

9. Hanging Window Room Dividers

room dividers cheap

These types of room dividers are now available in various stores. You can get a variety of options to enhance the atmosphere of the room. However, you can take advantage of the items at home.

If some used windows or doors are unused, you can polish them again so that they become a beautiful design. After that, you can place the pole at the top of the location you want to block. By using a rope, you can hang the unused furniture so that it becomes a beautiful separator.

10. Unused-Disk Partition

room dividers black

There are always many ways to beautify a room without having to pay a lot of money. You can use used items at home to create beautiful room dividers. One way is to use a used CD or vinyl.

These items may have come in handy a few years ago. But over time, they become damaged so that they can no longer in use. Instead of piling up as trash, you can string them together and become a useful masterpiece.

With the hole in the middle, you can attach them with the help of a rope. After being assembled sufficiently enough to be a curtain, then you can use a stick or pole to install it into an attractive room divider.

However, you do not have to use the two objects above. You can do the same thing with other used goods. With a little creativity and imagination, you can get beautiful decorations without having to spend money.

11. Geometric Wall Dividers

room dividers bedroom

You certainly know that this world has many interesting geometric shapes. Then why not try to adopt those unique shapes into a beautiful decoration. One way is to make room dividers inspiration.

You can use materials that are easy to cut, such as cardboard, mica, or other objects that you think are easy to get. Cut out the ingredients according to your taste. If there are enough sheets, you can attach them with twine or string.

Make it stretched so that the size is enough for a wall. After that, all you have to do is attach it to the separator stick and place it where you want it. Do not forget to choose beautiful colors to make your room more attractive.

12. Art Rope Dividers

room dividers boho

As discussed above, the rope does have a charming traditional feel. Therefore, there is no need to hesitate to make it part of the decoration. Apart from sticking it from top to bottom, you can also make a pretty knot with several ropes at once.

The woven knots are then attached to the stick that has provided. After that, you have to install it in the location you want to separate. The result must be as extraordinary as seeing a painting.

13. Rattan Partition

room dividers commercial

The good thing about room dividers is the use of very varied materials. You can use anything around you and turn it into a beautiful masterpiece. Of the many others, you can also choose rattan.

This material is an alternative that you can choose besides wood or bamboo. It is light enough that you can weave it and make it as dividers. For this material, you can choose whether to install it by hanging it or placing it as an artificial wall.

14. Woven Bamboo Room Dividers

room dividers doors

Apart from using bamboo blades, you can also use this material by plaiting it. In many countries, the woven is quite popular as a variety of decorations and tools. Some rural areas also use it as a wall for a house.

Therefore, using woven bamboo as room dividers is not a thing. The matting materials will emit a thick rustic nuance in the room so that it makes you feel comfortable as in the countryside. This separator can be displayed by hanging or making it an artificial wall.

15. Cardboard Partition

how to make a room dividers

The unused cardboards may accumulate a lot at home. You don’t even know how to get rid of it. Instead of throwing it away, why not make it an attractive decoration to beautify your home. One way is to convert it into room dividers.

This material is easy to shape. You have to determine the shape you want and cut it according to the pattern. If you already have enough cardboard, all you have to do is attach it with the help of a rope. But remember, you must use strong strings so that your work can last a long time.

Just like the steps for the previous materials, the cardboard sheets joined together to form a beautiful artificial wall. To make it more attractive, you can color it as you wish. After everything is in order, all you have to do is unfold it and hang it where you want it.

16. Light Partition

room dividers big lots

No matter how beautiful the room dividers are, everything will appear dim when night falls while the lights have gone out. So that you can still enjoy the beauty of your separator, why not give it a beautiful lamp.

Various colorful lights nowadays can be found easily in stores. It does not need to be too bright but put some colors that can flicker when it turned on. You can hang this series of lights on the separator to give it a beautiful impression when it’s dark.

Other DIY Temporary Room Dividers Ideas

The designs of hanging room dividers are not the only thing you can apply. Besides, other separators are no less interesting to try. Not only practical and has use-value, but it is also aesthetically not inferior to the hanging type. Here are some recommendations that you can try:

17. Wall Dividers

room dividers home depot

The function of making a wall is a divider for two or more spaces. People build it if the separation is for permanent purpose, for example, as a building frame or making rooms in it. Based on this concept, room dividers are simplified walls.

In case the room is isolated for non-permanent purposes, then portable materials are the best choice. However, for bedrooms, bathrooms, and other permanent purposes, they should have a fixed partition to protect user privacy.

18. Sliding Room Dividers

sliding doors home depot

The sliding door is one of the most popular designs. The concept is almost the same as hanging room dividers, only the way to open and close it is by being dragged to the right and left. You can also make it yourself at home.

First of all, you have to choose the material and design that will be the door. Many people use wood for aesthetic reasons, but fiberglass is also very popular because it is lighter but has high coverage.

Make sure the room dividers used have with wheels at the bottom. After selecting the material, the next step is to install the pole at the top to attach the separator. If everything is on position, you can start using it.

19. Bookcase Room Dividers

black bookcase

As discussed above, dividing space does not need to be done expensively. You can use items in the house to create new space while saving space usage. One way to do this is to use a bookcase.

So far, the use of bookcases has caused problems. On the one hand, this furniture is quite large, complete with lots of storage space, so that it can accommodate a lot of items. However, its existence often takes up space in the room.

However, by using it as a partition, one problem can be resolved. You can put it in the middle of the room as a divider. Thus, the front and back of the bookcase can be for different purposes.

20. Glass Room Dividers

clear room dividers at home

The use of glass as a room divider can also be the right choice. You can choose between a transparent separator or non-transparent. Its use does give a classy feel, complete with beautiful decorations or motifs.

However, these dividers may not always be appropriate. The most suitable location to use this material is the bathroom area. Its waterproof nature will maximize room dividing.

Besides, the glass material is also suitable for separate rooms but still requires interaction with one another, for example, counters. For this need, you need to place clear glass without any decorations or motifs.

The use of glass room dividers can also be applied in the bedroom to give a luxurious impression. However, for locations in the house, the glass insulation should use non-transparent materials of sufficient thickness. Note that the bulkhead does not break easily.

21. Japanese Style Partition

japanese room dividers

The room dividers have become culture developed by some nations around the world. Some countries have used this feature not only to separate rooms but also as decoration. One of them is Japan. The Japanese always include separators inside their architecture.

Japanese houses are unique because the walls, doors, and windows use a paper-like material that is not transparent. Apart from that, the traditional houses are also attached to natural materials, such as wood, bamboo, and others used in frames and wall frames.

Another unique thing to adopt from Japanese culture is the use of distinctive decorations, for example, by including cherry blossom decorations and beautiful dusty pink colors. You can combine all of these elements to get a stunning partition.

22. Folding Screen Dividers

folding room dividers

Using a folding screen is the easiest way to separate a room into sections. These room dividers have a shape like a folding door. Its use is quite practical because of its portability. No need for complicated installation, only place it in the room you want to isolate.

Another advantage of a folding screen is that you can fold it into some parts. Thus, you can adjust its size according to space requirements. Some people put it in a folded state for aesthetic purposes.

You can get these room dividers in various stores, complete with charming designs. Besides that, you can also make it yourself. The trick is to combine several baffle plates with hinges that make it foldable.

Materials that you can use to make DIY folding screens include used doors, unused windows, wooden boards, fiberglass, and other possible objects. Do not forget to add the legs so that the separator can stand upright in the middle of the room.

23. Closet Wall Partition

grey closet

Among the many ways, the easiest to separate a room is to use furniture. In addition to bookshelves, as we discussed above, closets can also be an option. The size is large enough to be a practical barrier in the room.

This furniture will be very appropriate for the walk-through and walk-in closet. You do not need to provide a room to place things but put the cupboard as a separator. The front is facing the fashion center, while the back of the cabinet can be for another purpose.

The use of a closet wall may not apply to all parts of the rooms, because you cannot possibly place a wardrobe in the living room. For other rooms, you can choose furniture that suits the room and needs.

24. Fiberglass Room Dividers

shoji folding partition

This material is similar to glass but is safer from the risk of breaking. Some locations that are suitable for using room dividers include bathrooms, offices, or beds. Its elegant shape and luxurious impression make it the choice of many people.

However, fiberglass is not something you can make yourself. However, if it is no longer use, this material can become annoying waste. Hence, recycling it as room dividers would seem like a smart solution.

25. Javanese Room Dividers

partition for home

As mentioned above, the use of room dividers has been growing for a long time in various countries. Apart from Japan, the tradition of using bulkheads also exists in Indonesia, one of which is Java.

The unique thing about Javanese room partition is the use of wooden ornaments that exude a traditional feel and feel close to the earth. The typical carvings of the region are also one of the charming attractions. The colors are left as they are to give a natural impression.

This option might suit people who like the rustic concept, even though it’s not pure. The use of wood is universal, regardless of social status, place of residence, and so on. For room dividers, the widely-used material is solid wood.

26. Artificial Partition for Kids

set the kids room

If you have a lot of unused materials, plus a little creativity, why not make artificial walls in the house. With an attractive design, you can create a beautiful atmosphere in your own home.

First of all, you need to create a pretty design for room dividers. You do not need to cover everything but make it minimalist. After that, you can use existing materials to build it.

27. The Plant Wall

faux plant

Besides carrying cultural elements, natural nuances are always an option in room decoration. In the previous discussion, we had mentioned the use of vines and hanging flower pots while this time, the focus is on the plant wall.

Room dividers are distinctly different from the previous two in that the plants function as walls. One of the things you can use is boxwood, which has been quite popular as a fence. This unique plant is prone to shape, so it is quite popular as a garden and room decoration.

Apart from boxwood, you can also use other plants, such as fan spruce. If grown normal, this plant can reach 4 meters. But if you plant it with a bonsai system, then the height won’t be too distracting and will be an attractive decoration.

Besides that, you can also choose other plants that are suitable and easy to form a fence. You don’t need to design it as high as the room, just half of it because the concept of room partition is not to cover two rooms but only as a separator.

28. Colorful Glass

beautiful decor

As explained previously, the use of glass is quite likable because of the classy impression created. But you still have other options with this material. For the sake of attractiveness, there’s nothing wrong with giving your room dividers a touch of color.

The color of the glass material comes the painting you put on the surface. You can add various ornaments, pictures, or attach decorations that attract attention. Do not hesitate to create because you never know who might be interested in your work.

29. Metal Partition

metal material

Apart from playing with designs, ornaments, and colors, you can also explore the materials used as a room partition. If previously we discussed wood, bamboo, plastic, glass, and so on, you also need to know how to use metal as decoration.

The room dividers do not have to use heavy and solid materials. But if you have unused iron scraps, you can also string them together to make beautiful decorations. Of course, you can look for appropriate design inspiration before processing it.

For sheet-shaped materials, you can string them together so that they make a beautiful metal separator. Meanwhile, if the metal is in the form of sticks, you can place them parallel to each other so that it looks like a charming iron fence.

But do not forget to take care so that the room divider does not rust. As we know, behind its strength, these materials are also quite brittle to water and air. It’s a good idea to give a layer to make it more durable.

In addition to the method above, you can also use unused objects, for example, used fences. Instead of being wasted, you can modify it into a beautiful room divider. Use paint according to taste to enhance its appearance.

If the size is not suitable, you can always make modifications in various ways. This iron material is heavy-duty as a barrier between rooms and is more flexible to place anywhere.

30. Aquarium Room Dividers

dividing room using aquarium

Another alternative is to place a container filled with pets. Some people certainly have a hobby of keeping animals in containers, for example, fish in an aquarium. Instead of just being a decoration in the corner of the room, there’s nothing wrong with making it a room separator.

Ornamental fish or other animals you put there can be a decoration for your room. Plus, you can also place it in the middle of the room as a separator.

However, you may have to be a little careful in treating it. If your aquarium made of glass, there must be supervision so that it does not break due to negligence. However, you can also use other containers as room dividers.

Those are some DIY room divider recommendations that you can do at home. To be able to create a masterpiece, your creativity is very tested. However, you will always be able to find solutions and inspiration through various things around you.

Another Option for You

black room dividers

Despite the various recommendations above, some may argue that DIY is not always a good idea. If you’re one of them, then you can opt for another option.

There are many attractive designs issued by the factory at prices that are quite affordable. You can check several well-known furniture stores to find your favorite room partition.

You can check the IKEA room divider designs displayed on the website, or other stores that also offer quality furniture. Some specifications and design might suit your needs.

Finally, the choice is yours. You can choose the materials, designs, and colors of the room dividers that you adore. Just adjust it to the conditions and needs. Even if you don’t have time to make it yourself, there are always great designs waiting for you in stores.

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