minimalist cabinet

The TV stand has been a close part of the modern entertainment center or living room. This furniture has various designs and even holds several roles at once. It is not only a place to put the television but also as storage or other purposes.

Apart from the function, it can also be part of your room decoration. That is why placing the right TV stand is necessary to create a comfortable atmosphere in your entertainment center. However, you have to consider several things before choosing one of them.

According to the principles of modern architecture, efficiency is a top priority in spatial planning. It also applies when choosing simple furniture, such as a TV table. Aside from its aesthetic side, you have to think about suitability in your room.

Any TV stand you choose should fit your room condition. There are many designs available to choose according to your needs. For example, in the small room, you can mount the television on the wall. Other models even feature the fireplace frame allowing for more efficient spatial planning.

To make it easy, here are some TV stand ideas you can take into consideration. Again, make sure that your choice fits the conditions to avoid wasting space.

1. TV Cabinet

tv stand with storage

This kind of TV stand is the most popular because of its high usability. It can be an attractive option for a large room because you can use it as storage as well.

Unfortunately, a TV cabinet is not always suitable for any room. You have to consider the size of the room, its harmony with other decorations, and so on.

2. White TV Stand

portable tv stand

Most people think white is a reflection of modern concepts as it displays a broad, elegant, and luxurious impression. Its versatility with other tints also makes this TV stand a great choice. However, you still have to consider the suitability with the room condition and the harmony with other furniture.

3. Small TV Stand

a standard tv

Apart from space efficiency, use-value is a higher priority in modern concepts. Minimalist furniture will be the top choice to make everything look simple.

Therefore, the selection of a small TV stand is much preferable for modern community layouts. The size that does not take up space will make the room more concise so that it can be for other purposes.

4. Modern TV Stand

tv stand black

A TV stand will be modern if it supports the values carried in the concept. In this case, the simple and space-saving design will be the main criteria.

A modern TV stand generally also has a unique look because it is made with several functions at once, complete with several drawers and under storage. Of course, this will make you feel more comfortable to enjoy the moment.

5. DIY TV Stand

DIY using unused wood

Those who like to be creative can even make your TV stand at home. Besides being able to design it at will, you can get a piece of homemade furniture that will be second to none in other places.

This DIY TV stand will even save your budget. You do not need to buy anything and take advantage of some no-longer-used materials instead.

6. Tall TV Stand

three tier rack

Using a tall stand can also be an option to save space as this TV stand will allow for more vertical storage space. You can choose furniture that has a high storage capacity so that its use is more efficient.

However, you may need adjustments when using it. You have to choose a higher chair to stay comfortable while watching television.

7. TV Mount Stand

mount tv

This modern TV stand design is also in demand because it has a sleek and compact shape. Instead of putting on the shelf, this furniture has clasps that allow it to mount the television.

This design is to align the eye with the position of the television while watching. You can adjust the high and low to make it feel comfortable.

8. TV Entertainment Center

tv stand best buy

Television is sometimes not enough to entertain you in your spare time. If you are the type of person who likes a variety of entertainment, such as games, DVDs, or other entertainment, then you need more than just an ordinary TV stand.

Try to use furniture that can accommodate many types of entertainment. Thus, you can enjoy your time at the entertainment center.

9. Floating TV Stand

floating shelves

The floating TV stand is no less the target. It allows you to place the television by attaching it to the wall with the help of a clasp. This TV stand is saving space because you do not need to use the floor and left it empty for another purpose. Unfortunately, the installation may have to make a hole in the wall.

10. Round TV Table

tv stand amazon

This furniture is designed specifically for placing a television in the room. However, to support the concept of the modern arrangement, usually, this TV table is equipped with space that can be for other storage.

You can choose an attractive design for your entertainment center room. The minimalist designs offered by various stores will beautify the room and make watching TV more enjoyable.

11. 75-inch TV Stand

modern style tv set

Large televisions do provide an extraordinary sensation as if in a cinema. However, it needs a jumbo-size TV cabinet to accommodate. Due to its size, it is not safe to place a 75-inch TV by wall-mounting.

Do not worry. You can still find a large TV cabinet in some stores, complete with additional storage in it. However, it will take your space a lot.

12. Rustic TV Cabinet

barn look cabinet

Do not just stick to the same concept as there are many exciting things to try. One of them is a rustic TV cabinet that has modified with a modern feel.

Made from wood, which has a natural feel, this cabinet also features a traditional furniture style design. The addition of stylish storage space in it will make it even more useful.

13. Wall Mounted TV Stand

moveable bracket

The use of a wall-mounted TV stand is accessible in public places, such as hotel rooms, restaurants, or other locations that require a minimalist room arrangement. You can do the installation by attaching it to the wall.

This method will help you to save space because the furniture not placed on the floor. However, this method might damage the wall because you have to make a hole.

14. Wall-Mounted on the Bedroom

cozy bedroom

The bedroom is full of various furniture and personal needs. However, you can still add a television as your daily entertainment. Remember to choose the right furniture that fits your room condition.

There are many TV stand recommendations to choose from, starting from the wall-mounted method, using minimalist shelves, to integrating it with storage. Everything is adjustable according to taste and room conditions.

15. Three Tier Rack

tv stand for bedroom

Sometimes electronics are vulnerable so that they must receive special treatment. Besides the regular maintenance, one way to treat them is to use a sturdy stand.

So far, metal is considered a heavy-duty material, especially for holding a TV. Unfortunately, you also have to regularly check the condition and its surroundings because this material is easy to damage due to rust.

16. White Faux Fireplace

tv stand with fireplace

You do not need to worry about your television being damage by the sparks that may appear as it only a faux fireplace.

Several stores have provided various attractive designs for these kinds of fireplaces that also function as TV stands. Don’t forget to choose the most beautiful design for your room and take a cup of coffee while relaxing.

17. Farmhouse Style TV Cabinet

tv stands near me

You do not have to live in the countryside to enjoy a farmhouse nuance at home. You can even feel moments of peace and calm by giving a rustic touch to your room by using an appropriate TV stand.

Generally, the farmhouse TV cabinet is wood-based material, complete with natural nuances designs. Don’t forget to decorate a few wire baskets so that the atmosphere feels more like a village.

18. Barn Door Buffet

sliding door cabinet

The barn door technique is well-known in various countries and is one of the hallmarks of a modern concept. You can even adopt this method to beautify the entertainment center room.

Using a TV cabinet with barn doors will be very efficient to save space. You can choose whether to use its office to store anything. Some people put the electric fireplace behind the barned part.

19. Corner Wooden Fireplace

corner fireplace

The use of corner furniture is a space-saving technique in modern architectural concepts. You can also carry this design to place the television as well as warm the room.

As seen, that fireplace TV cabinet designed to be in a room corner. It can be an alternative for spatial planning, considering that this spot of the room is usually unusable. Just make your seat as comfortable as possible then.

20. Black and Minimalist

wall mount tv stand

To decorate a room, sometimes the only strategy we need to do is playing with colors. Apart from white, black is also quite popular in modern design concepts because of its flexibility to match.

You can also make it as one of the TV stand choices in the house interior. Combine this color with other matching tints to beautify your room. Do not forget to choose saving space designs.

21. Three Tier Glass Table

clear rack

Apart from wood and metal, glass materials are also quite interesting to be a part of your room decoration. The reason is, this material provides a clear insight that gives a classy and broader space impression.

Therefore, there is nothing wrong with using a glass TV stand for room decoration. However, it is necessary to be as this material breaks easily. Try to choose the best material for your decoration.

22. Rolling TV Table

rolling rack

Various attractive TV stand designs are now available in many stores. One thing you need to try is a rolling design that makes it easy for you to move positions and directions.

This rolling TV stand is equipped with wheels at the bottom so you can move it at any time without having to lift it. However, it is necessary to protect the floor so that it doesn’t wear out quickly.

23. Solid Wood TV Cabinet

wide wooden cabinet

Among the many quality materials, solid wood is one that has become an idol when choosing a TV cabinet. This type of furniture comes from raw wood that is directly sculpted by craftsmen so that the quality is guaranteed.

Even though it is heavy-duty and has high aesthetic value, this furniture is heavy, making it difficult to move. Also, they may cost more than other materials.

24. Wooden Buffet

tv stand 65 inch

If you want to use wood as a TV buffet, you do not always have to use solid wood. Some of those processed by the factory are also of quite good quality and attractive design.

There are many wooden buffet designs that you can choose from, with a lighter and smoother texture. That type is easy to move, but the quality may not be as good as solid wood.

25. Vintage Style Cabinet

wooden vintage cabinet

Using one piece of furniture only to place the television may seem like it takes up space. Therefore, based on modern design concepts, you need to add storage to increase use-value.

The drawers and storage places can be a place of various items, thereby reducing scattered things. You have to choose a design that suits your taste and room conditions.

26. Table Top TV Stand

standard tv stands

This type of TV holder is the most suitable for flat panel television users. Apart from having a sleek design, the tabletop is also very sturdy to grip the TV so that it will not easily roll over or shift.

Besides, the tabletop TV stand also does not take up space. You can also move them if needed. Once installed, you can even place your television anywhere you want.

27. Portable Holder

portable tv stand

Modern society always likes portability. If you are a person who has high mobility, the use of portable furniture can be an option. This design is now also applied to the TV holder.

Portable TV stand used by workers who need a television for moving jobs. This furniture is easy to install or dismantle and equipped with wheels for easy mobility.

28. Simple Wooden TV Table

tv stand and coffee table

Each era has its style, as well as the industrial era. One of the characteristics is a design that still seems classic and emphasizes nature itself. It is similar to the rustic concept.

Most of the furniture in this style uses wooden planks that are attached by nails. The work is done by handmade, so it shows a natural result and is less successful than factory-made.

29. Tall TV Cabinet

cabinet ideas for living room

When buying a television, you may get a special gift from the store. One thing you can have is a TV cabinet that you can use together with the product you purchase.

The bonus you take home may have a random design that you cannot choose. But believe that the store will provide it according to the needs of the TV unit you buy.

30. IKEA TV Cabinet

living room ideas

If you have not found a suitable TV cabinet design, don’t be sad. Just take a look at the products offered by IKEA. This store provides a variety of design inspiration that is not boring.

Apart from IKEA, you can also check other stores to find out the latest TV cabinet designs as needed. Don’t forget to adjust the room conditions and your television type.

31. Flexible TV Holder

black tv mount table

Furniture design continues to evolve because it adapts to needs. It also applies to TV stands, whose development has become increasingly interesting to follow.

One unique design that is popular today is the TV stand with mount. This furniture is equipped with clamps so that the television placed in a floating position.

32. Rustic Fireplace for Wider TV

tv stand with fireplace

To increase the use-value, many furniture designers combine several functions at once in one object. One that we commonly encounter is a TV cabinet with a fireplace. The two placed in order from top to bottom.

Placement of a fireplace in one piece of furniture is often considered wasteful of space. Therefore, designers added a spot used for a TV stand or other storage.

33. Floating TV Table

frame tv

Although modern furniture has combined several functions into one, some people still make traditional choices. One way is to use furniture that is devoted to television.

The use of TV furniture is not a problem as long as there is enough space. It happens to some communities, such as Victorian enthusiasts, who put art above everything. They don’t mind filling the house with the furniture as long as the artistic value is high.

34. Wooden TV Buffet

wooden buffet

Television stands are one of the necessary pieces of furniture in modern society. The reason is, TV has become one of the basic needs, not only for entertainment but also for work purposes.

Meanwhile, the current modern TVs that have undergone design developments so that they have a simple shape but still require supporting devices, including the TV cabinet. Similar to television, it also has developed according to the needs.

35. Put It on the Wall

minimalist cabinet

The cabinet is the most classic type of Television stand but still has a lot of fans because of the high usability. Apart from being the best place for electronics, the number of storage places in it also helps with space efficiency.

You can store various objects to prevent them from being scattered in the room. TV cabinets are usually available in sizes but still adjustable to your needs.

36. Gray Tv Cabinet

gray cabinet

Apart from being a cabinet, that TV stand is also popular among furniture lovers. This design has a classy form without having to sacrifice the useful value of the furniture.

However, the use of this furniture is sometimes vulnerable because it breaks easily. We can use high-quality glass, but many people prefer a better style with higher durability.

37. Minimalist Wooden Buffet

brown simple buffet

A TV buffet with minimalist character is indeed very appropriate to be a collection of modern society. A simple form is considered an art that can help save space at the same time.

Generally, the minimalist TV stand does not contain many patterns or carvings but emphasizes more colors. With not-too-big size, according to your needs, this furniture is also designed to be multi-use.

38. Wide White Cabinet

wide open cabinet

A modern TV cabinet has been in such a way to suit your needs. If you live in a tight space, then small television cabinets might be an option.

The mini size will not take up space so that it can be for other things. Also, having some storage space in the cabinet will help increase the use-value of your TV cabinet because it can help organize your belongings.

39. Outdoor Vintage Buffet

outdoor cabinet

Some people do not place the television in the room, but outside. It is indeed not a strange thing because the need to see the screen is not only limited to indoors, especially for advertising or branding needs. However, this does need careful consideration.

With today’s sophisticated technology, outdoor TV stands are no longer impossible. Some products have a waterproof feature complete with a security system to protect the electronics.

40. Dark Slim TV Cabinet

slim dark buffet

For some reason, some televisions have very long size. Because of the size that may not be common for most TVs, this electronic object requires special storage.

TV stands with very long sizes are now available in various stores to support jumbo television sizes. You may need to provide an area large enough to accommodate it. But usually, this furniture has been equipped with other features, such as storage.

41. Rough Wooden TV Table

low wooden buffet

For the sake of adjusting to your needs, furniture has various shapes and sizes. For some reason, this low and simple TV table is sometimes also necessary for space.

However, some designs also feature a more flexible feature so that you can adjust its height.

42. Modern Set TV Cabinet

all white cabinet

For those of you who have a high enough need for television, planning is sometimes needed. So that you don’t buy and place the wrong TV cabinet, there’s nothing wrong with making a floor plan first. It is especially necessary if you want to custom make furniture.

Before making a plan, you need to make careful measurements starting from the size of the room, the size of the furniture, to what functions and features to include in it. Make sure nothing is wrong.

43. Small White Corner TV Cabinet

shabby chic desk

The use of the white corner TV stand is a realization of two modern concepts at the same time. The first is the use of white, which can give the impression of a spacious, clean, and classy room. No wonder this color is one of the hallmarks of modern concepts.

Corner furniture also has a contribution to space efficiency because it can take advantage of spots that have been the most difficult for furniture to enter. Therefore, the use of this furniture is quite recommended for the room.

44. Industrial TV Table

industrial furnishing

Even though modern concepts always prioritize function, that doesn’t mean you can’t put any decorations in it. Some TV tables equipped with storage and decoration features that allow them to enhance their appearance.

While there are alternative decorations that you can add include flowers and vases, books, or ornaments to beautify the room. Some people also like to add personal items such as dolls, mini aquariums, etc.

45. Red and Bold TV Stand

red cabinet

To enhance the appearance of the room, you do not have to use black and white. Many color choices can provide a comfortable feel when enjoying television shows. Why don’t you try red?

In general, this color gives off a bold, cheerful, and uplifting impression. You can combine this color not only with a television that has neutral colors but also with other decorations that can evoke the atmosphere. Among several shades of red, you can choose which one suits you the most.

46. Pallet Wall-Mounted TV Stand

pallet tv stand

One of the fun things about room design and decor is that there are so many different options to match. Even for simple furniture such as a TV table, you have many choices of materials that are not boring.

If you are a wood lover, try using a pallet TV stand with storage and decoration features. Its natural-looking appearance will make you feel like you are in a peaceful rural area. You can choose a variety of designs ranging from simple to full of features.

47. Simple Metal TV Holder

basic tv stand

The various designs are sometimes confusing. But you don’t have to worry that there is always the best product for your needs. If you need a sleek design for your television, then there are many options available.

For TVs that do have a slim design, you should also combine them with similar furniture. Thus, the spatial arrangement will also look harmonious because there are no items that look too prominent. The same is true for other furniture choices.

48. Sophisticated for Gamers

black futuristic cabinet

Gamers don’t just need a quality TV to support their hobby. The right placement of furniture will also determine the mood and comfort of the players while competing.

When the game progresses, of course, you need close visibility from the television. Apart from that, choose one that allows you to sit comfortably with the right view. Therefore, you may need a design such as a low stand or tabletop.

49. Glowing TV Cabinet

clear and glowing tv stand

LED TV is currently one of the prima donnas in the electronic world. With a slim design but good quality, this type of TV is on-demand among modern people.

However, there are many pros and cons regarding how to display this television. Some people use the wall-mounted or bracket method to save space. However, some people argue that placing on the shelves is much better for its longer to live.

50. DIY Wooden TV Stand

simple wooden tv stand

Using a TV stand according to your needs is an important strategy to avoid wasting space. Therefore, more people use custom designs to suit the conditions of the location.

For those of you who want to try making your furniture, including a TV stand, don’t forget to make careful planning first. Measure the room and television before buying materials to minimize waste.

51.  Three Tier Wooden TV Rack

slim wooden tv rack

Simple design but full of usefulness is indeed one of the souls in the concept of modern architecture. Even without a lot of ornaments, a piece of furniture expected to have several uses at once.

If you agree with this concept, then a minimalist TV stand design can be an option. You can choose furniture that has a slim shape and doesn’t take up space. Additional storage or fireplaces are also a good idea.

52. Slim Wooden Buffet

walnut wood tv stand

For furniture to have more use-value, there are several ways you can do it. One way is to add storage containers such as drawers or shelves. But apart from that, some designers also add more space.

Some Television stands have a space that allows the owner to store large capacity items. Therefore, to make it easier to enter and remove items, this furniture is equipped with various styles of doors. You can choose which one suits your taste.

53. Disk Container TV Stand

tall tv stand with cd storage

Space utilization can indeed be in various ways. One unique method found in tall corner TV stands that applies a vertical storage system. Thus, the storage space will be more spacious without taking up space.

Besides, the placement of the TV stand is also in a corner so that it helps maximize the use. After the furniture arranged, all you have to do is find a comfortable spot to place the chair and start enjoying your relaxing moments.

54. Mirrored TV Cabinet

shining cabinet

The design and arrangement of space are always dynamic. Changes appear because it adapts to conditions. Likewise, what happened to the development of the TV stand style. Recently a new trend has emerged, namely adding mirrors to the furniture section.

This feature is not to be a mirror. It’s just that the TV stand coated with a material that can reflect an image like a mirror. Not just decoration, this method also gives a broader impression to the room.

55. Three Drawers TV Cabinet

drawers for kids room

If you have children at home, the room arrangement must also be adjusted. One consideration is whether you are giving your little one permission to watch TV as often as they want.

If you intend to limit, then it’s better to use a wall-mounted TV stand so that they don’t rely too much on television entertainment. Besides, placing the TV on high ground can prevent them from being electrocuted or tangled with cables.

56. Glass TV Table

stainless steel tv stand

There is no specific standard in the concept of spatial arrangement, including size and dimension. One thing that needs to consider is the suitability of the room conditions and the electronic object itself.

If you have a large enough space and are thinking of a television with a size that requires a large area, then use one that can accommodate those needs. But if it is not needed, then use the space as efficiently as possible for other purposes.

57. Huge Bookshelf

bookshelf tv stand

In modern times, the use of books has established a lifestyle. In addition to literacy needs, placing some books in the room is also a decoration strategy. No wonder that Bookshelf has become one of the most loved furnishings.

The bookshelf TV stand design is now available in various stores, complete with features that are ready to beautify the room. If you are not interested in the designs offered, you can even order them custom or make them yourself at home.

58. Golden and Classic TV Table

metal tv buffet

Playing with colors is one strategy to create an atmosphere in the room. If white gives a luxurious and classy feel, then gold is the right medium to convey a luxurious impression. The color is also flexible enough to be combined with other colors such as black.

The gold color is also quite suitable to combine with the unique wood color found in furniture. However, this color is also not always appropriate to hear colors like blue or green. Even so, what’s wrong with trying to use golden shades in your room?

59. Retro TV Table

stylish tv stand

Combining spatial arrangements with various styles is one of the fun things about architectural concepts. You can even insert a retro style in the selection of simple furniture like TV stands.

Furniture with this style generally has a minimalist design, complete with vintage decorations. Natural materials such as wood make this TV stand even is more interesting to collect. Of course, this design is still suitable for any television.

60. Rattan TV Cabinet

birch tv stand

If you are bored with wood, then you can also use the rattan TV stand as an option. As is known, this material has quite heavy-duty strength and can withstand loads. No wonder it is widely used in the furniture world.

Even so, compared to wood, its strength was probably much less. However, when compared in terms of price, this material is quite affordable. You can also get various designs with rattan material.

61. Plasma TV Stand

dark mounted tv stand

Apart from LEDs, plasma TVs are a modern design that has been in demand until now. The flat-screen display provides a pleasant viewing experience for anyone. Then how do you place it right in the room?

Unlike LED TV, plasma has a heavier weight. Therefore, it is not to place it wall-mounted. We recommend that you put it on a special shelf provided for television.

62. Living Spaces Tv Stand

tv stand console

Apart from IKEA, of course, many other stores provide attractive furniture to beautify your room. One of them is Living Spaces based in several countries in America.

You can also find TV stand designs here. By visiting the page, there will be many design options to suit your wants, needs, and tastes. Not only TV stands, but there are also many other furniture awaits.

63. Shabby-Chic TV Cabinet

wooden white crate

The use of TV stands with shelves aims to maximize the use-value of an object. In addition to placing the television safely and comfortably, the existence of a storage area will also greatly assist the room management system to be more efficient.

However, you don’t always have to use available shelves to store items. Some people use it as decoration by placing display items, such as vases, toys, or dolls. The goal is none other than to beautify the room.

64. Reclaimed Wooden TV Stand

reclaimed wood tv cabinet

Designing a room is purely a matter of taste and need. Not only design, but you can also explore the materials used for furniture. One thing that is quite a conversation is the use of reclaimed wood that is nothing but recycled materials.

Many people argue that using this material for TV stands is completely discouraged because there is no guarantee of the quality. However, many also appreciate it because of its have high artistic value.

65. Turquoise Tv Cabinet

turquoise cabinet

Color games are again an option in choosing furniture. Apart from colors like black, white, and red, you can even choose unique colors like turquoise. This tint is suitable for those of you who always crave natural nuances, especially beaches.

You can use any design concept for the turquoise color. However, most people think that this color fits perfectly with a rustic theme. Its calming nuance will support the rural atmosphere that the concept carries.

66. Cube with Industrial Look

Wide Laminate Wood

Cube TV is indeed an old generation that may not be widely used by modern society. However, it is not deniable that the classic design is not easy to lose. If you still have one of them, then you need to be careful about placing it.

Cube television can only be placed on a sturdy table because it is heavier than the later generations. You can use a TV stand with shelves that can support it safely at any time.

67. TV Table with Huge DVDs Storage

extra DVDs storage

Apart from television, you might also watch various DVDs to pass the time. But now your collection has started to boom so that it needs better organization to avoid the mess.

For this reason, some TV stands quipped with storage containers that can also be for DVDs. You can arrange it in such a way so that the room stays tidy without seeing things scattered.

68. IKEA Floating TV Cabinet Set

minimalist cabinet set

IKEA products always provide many unique choices. You can find various kinds of designs that will help beautify the room. One that is quite popular is the IKEA floating TV stand.

This brand provides a simple installation system to do at any time, the floating TV stand installed by mounting. You can even order some custom furniture according to your needs.

69. End of Bed TV Stand

bedroom tv

In addition to the various methods discussed above, other designs should not leave out. You can even install a TV stand at the end of the bed to complement your relaxing moments while watching television.

You only place a TV stand with shelves at the end of the bed. But lately, this concept has developed so that furniture manufacturers are developing new products designed to put the TV in a place that makes you most comfortable.

70. Unique TV Stand

tv cabinet in set

For television users who prioritize art, the use of a unique TV stand might be interesting. Currently, there are various attractive designs produced by manufacturers.

If you want a design that is second to none, then you can order or create your custom. However, you still have to remember that efficiency is the main thing in modern concepts. Don’t let you feel inconvenient just because of pursuing style.

71. TV Stand Tall

65 inches floor tv stand

Everyone chooses furniture based on their tastes and needs. For those with limited space, tall storage is a smart choice as it allows for a vertical storage system. You can also save space if you use this method.

However, the use of a TV stand like this may be less flexible. There will be confusion as to where to place the television to suit the comfort of the eye. The reason is, placing too high will be very disturbing to the view.

72. L-Shaped TV Stand

L shaped wooden table

In this day and age, using television does not mean you sit comfortably on the sofa and enjoy entertainment broadcasts casually. Some people use this electronic technique as a place to make a living.

If you are one of them, the L-shaped TV stand can be an option. This furniture is like an L-shaped work table that allows you to do a lot of mobility even if only on one table. You can choose a design that suits your needs.

73. Electric Fireplace with Marble Top

marbel top buffet

When it comes to the best design, everything will be relative. Even the most effective design, such as this electric fireplace with marble top, will be useless if used in an inappropriate location.

Therefore, regardless of the complexity of the design or the chosen brand, you still have to prioritize the concept of using space. Adjust it to the conditions and size of the room so as not to cause discomfort due to miscalculations.

74. Ladder TV Stand

tv stand decor

Another unique design that you can also choose from is the ladder TV stand. As the name suggests, this furniture has tiered sections that you can climb on. Not without reason, this TV stand has space at the top that functions as storage.

The shelves above can be a book storage and decoration places to beautify the room. This type has been bought and sold with various sizes and designs, but many people also make it themselves at home.

75. Space Saving TV Stand

small floating table

When choosing furniture, including TV stands, there are many considerations that you have to do. Whether the design is attractive or not, you also have to think about its suitability with the existing space.

If space is limited, it is necessary to choose a space-saving TV stand. Currently, there are many designs made, starting from the concept of wall-mounted, corner furniture, tabletop, and many more. Everything can be adjustable to your needs.

However, when choosing or designing a TV stand, you still have to consider all aspects. Do not let your choice make relaxing moments at the entertainment center uncomfortable because of the wrong furniture.

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